Pumps for Demanding Applications

EasyPro Pond Products announced its new TM low-head and TB high-head series pond and waterfall pumps. The pumps feature stainless steel and cast-iron construction with 3-inch outlets. Maximum flows up to 13,500 GPH are possible with the 115-volt TM series, while the TB series produces flows up to 14,000 GPH.

Video Feature

Structure Studios added a video capture and upload system to its VizTerra software. Users can now record video presentations directly in the software. With the click of a button, video recording will begin. Once done recording, the video can be uploaded directly to YouTube or burned to a disk. Like all updates to the software, this new feature will download automatically with the latest update to VizTerra with membership.

Environmentally Friendly Joint Sand

EnviroBOND’s EnviroSAND is a stabilized joint sand designed for use with paving stones. It is a combination of traditional jointing sand and an organic glue made from a renewable plant resource. The plant glue is designed to form an adhesive gel that binds sand particles together every time the EnviroSAND is in contact with water. The gel protects the sand from washing out of the joints. With an elevated pH level, EnviroSAND creates a toxic environment in which seedlings can’t germinate, deterring weed growth.

Composite Bamboo Decking

Cali Bamboo launched Bam-Deck composite bamboo decking. It is made from 30 percent recycled bamboo fibers and 70 percent recycled plastics. BamDeck is termite-resistant, weather-tested, LEED-qualified, slip-resistant and easy to install using the hidden fastening system. It does not require any sealing, painting or refinishing and comes in three colors: caramel, coffee and slate.

Contain Trash and Recyclables

Witt Industries’ Queen City Series of waste and recycling receptacles feature sturdy construction. Models are available in an ergonomically gated version that allows easy access to the black high-density polyethylene rigid plastic liner, as well as a traditional top-load version. Manufactured of heavy-gauge slatted steel, then polyester powder coated, the 32-gallon containers are available in black, brown and green, or blue with appropriate decals for recycling. Built-in leveling feet, an anchor kit and a lid attachment kit are included.

Cooler, Brighter Light

Brilliance LED now offers the advanced MR16, an innovative lighting solution. The new LED light is 21 percent brighter than the former model, emitting 212 lumens instead of 174. It also produces 10 percent less heat, which increases efficiency. It replaces a 25-watt halogen. Available colors include warm white, cool white, red, green, blue and amber. Engineered for enclosed fixtures.

Polymer-Enhanced Joint Sand

New from Pave Tech, PolyLOCK is a cement-free, polymer-enhanced joint sand created to meet the needs of the hardscape industry. Specialized polymers create an extremely hard surface. Because no Portland cement has been added, white hazing on the paver surface will not occur. It helps prevent weeds, ants and sand loss.

Submersible LEDs

Crystal introduced LED ring lights. Unlike the previous generation of submersible LED lights, these ring lights surround each water jet, combining lights and water into one component. Advantages include increased space and flexibility and an increase in lighting focus from the 360-degree illumination. Features stainless steel construction and a center hole measuring 2.25 inches in diameter means it can accommodate many types of nozzles. The LED 160 series can be used wet or dry, providing good wall washing or uplighting. With 30 watts of power, even a 40-foot jet of water can be illuminated to its maximum height.

One Fixture, Numerous Options

The Parkway Square family of luminaires is available from Architectural Area Lighting. The fixtures are available in medium and small housings, along with a matching bollard, and feature unique design appointments that allow them to be configured in either a contemporary or traditional styling. Parkway Square utilizes multiple energy-efficient light sources, including LED, metal halide, induction and compact fluorescent. The luminaires are available with three hood styles (angled, straight and double) and five decorative screens (Trio, Wheat, Infinity, Offset and custom designs).

LED Light Kit

Aquascape introduced the Pond and Landscape LED Light Kit for creating beautiful, nighttime focal points in water gardens or traditional landscapes. The kit includes three single-watt LED light fixtures. Each fixture includes a high-output LED light combined with an optical lens. A built-in photocell automatically controls the lights, turning the fixtures on at dusk and off at dawn. The units are pre-wired and use 80 to 90 percent less electricity than their halogen counterparts.