Fall is officially in full swing – regardless of what the weather feels like. This fall season has been warmer than usual for most parts of the country meaning that homeowners will be spending more time outside enjoying their landscapes. Looking to extend their summer entertaining season, homeowners will look for an adaptable landscape no matter the weather. The National Association of Landscape Professionals says your clients will be interested in the following trends this fall.

1. Fire Features

Hardscape Fireplace and Pizza Oven, Colorado

PHOTO: Lindgren Landscape & Irrigation Inc.

Fall is the most popular time for clients to request fire features, like outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and fire tables, according to the NALP. Many current fire features can be controlled remotely by smartphones, or programmed to turn on or off at specific times. They help bring ambience and warmth to your client’s outdoor living area.

2. Fall Plants

Falling for Color


Chrysanthemums, boxwood and maples are hallmarks of fall landscapes, according to the NALP. Some of those classic plants have been engineered to be more hardy, longer lasting and require less water. This fall, try arranging the classic fall and winter plants in a modern style with contemporary groupings, clean lines and simple sophistication.

3. Landscape Lighting

Fireplace lighting

Photo: Brian Larsen, County Wide Landscapeing

More landscape designs are incorporating lighting so the outdoor areas can be enjoyed safely at any time of day. “Proper landscape lighting is especially important during the shorter fall and winter days, ensuring outdoor play areas are well-lit and walkways are easily accessible through the evening and nighttime hours,” the NALP says.

4. Unique Hardscape Materials

porcelain pavers

Photo: Belgard

More durable, low-maintenance materials, such as porcelain tiles for patios, decks and walkways, are rising in popularity. They mimic the look of real wood and natural stone, but have less maintenance, don’t cause splinters and are less likely to wear out over time or be damaged from weather. Also on trend: faux finishes and materials on outdoor furniture, such as synthetics that look like real leather.

5. Interiorscapes

Living wall

Photo: iStock

Indoor landscapes, known as interiorscapes, become more popular in the fall and winter as temperatures drop and homeowners begin to spend more time indoors. Living walls and container gardens help bring the outdoors in and can even create dramatic focal points as living decorations.