Landscape Forms Furthers Commitment To Sustainability

The company is now a SITES® Community Partner and is introducing an embodied carbon Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) initiative.


Landscape Forms recently announced two new initiatives to further its commitment to environmental sustainability. The outdoor furniture, lighting, and lifestyle manufacturer is now a SITES® Community Partner and is introducing an embodied carbon Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) initiative.

Landscape FormsSITES is a rating system that guides, evaluates, and certifies a project’s sustainability in the planning, design, construction and management of landscapes and other outdoor spaces. As a SITES Community Partner, Landscape Forms shares the commitment to prioritizing projects that enhance biodiversity and mitigate climate change while conserving resources, improving public health, and protecting ecosystems. This commitment includes providing solutions that simplify SITES Certification, developing products that achieve points towards credits under the SITES Rating System V2 and streamlining the documentation process. Discover available SITES credits with Landscape Forms’ products.

Landscape Forms has also conducted a Life Cycle Analyses of the embodied carbon impacts for many of the company’s core products. Conducted in collaboration with third-party certification body SCS Global Services, these analyses examine the carbon footprint of every product stage, including upstream materials, core manufacturing, packaging, transport, use, maintenance, and disposal. One of the first outdoor furnishing manufacturers to conduct such an analysis, Landscape Forms is addressing an unmet need for this data in the landscape architecture industry. The company is also helping to set a quantifiable baseline to inform new best practices.

“Becoming a SITES Community Partner and developing our Life Cycle Analysis initiative are two big steps forward in cultivating a culture of sustainability, accountability and transparency in our industry,” says Landscape Forms Sustainability Leader Amy Syverson-Shaffer. “As landscape architects and designers of outdoor space, our customers care deeply about the environmental impact of their work. So we’re enabling them to more confidently make the decisions that are right for our communities and right for our planet.”

Michael Blum, Chief Strategy Officer, comments, “Our Life Cycle Analysis Initiative is an important achievement in our ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability at Landscape Forms and also in the way we’re looking to guide our industry moving forward. We’re using this information internally to improve design, supply chain, manufacturing and distribution. We’re also sharing what we learn with the industry to foster more widespread transparency regarding sustainability and carbon emissions.”

For more on Landscape Form’s commitment to sustainability, click here.

Source: Landscape Forms

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