Turf insects can do serious damage to your customers’ lawn. So, how do you keep their lawns healthy, green and pest free? Insecticides can play a huge part in a turf management program. You just need to be sure to read the labels and use them in an effective manner.

Whether you need to get rid of chinch bugs, grubs or any of the other damaging pests out there, we have a product that can help you get in control.

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Merit provides long-lasting grub control on turf, as well as residual control of numerous ornamental pests. Available in many pack sizes and formulations, including tree injections, for various applications.

Engage Agro USA

Grandevo PTO’s active ingredient, Achromocil, is a broad-spectrum insecticide labeled for control of chinch bugs, sod webworms and more pests and insects on cool- and warm-season turfgrassees.

FMC Corporation

Talstar XTRA featuring Verge granule technology is labeled for use against more than 75 lawn pests. Its new active ingredient, zeta-cypermethrin, delivers accelerated knockdown and kill.

PBI-Gordon Corp.

Zylam 20SG provides control of damaging turfgrass pests. It is an easy-to-use, dust-free granule that is easy to mix and dissolves completely in water.

Quest Products Corp.

PENTRA-BARK is a bark penetrating surfactant system for use as basal bark application or foliar application with systemic insecticides. Helps control emerald ash borer, Asian long-horned beetle and more.

Soil Technologies Corp.

Armorex is a blend of essential plant oils, including sesame, and extracts of quillay, rosemary, clove, garlic and pepper to kill and control pathogenic nematodes, soil insects and fungus.


Acelepryn offers superintendents season-long grub control with a single application, as well as many key surface feeding pests. Also, Advion Fire Ant Bait provides total colony control in 72 hours.