Chemical controls are part of most turf manager’s IPM programs toget rid of unwanted weeds on the turf they take care of. If you are lookingfor a preemergent or postemergent herbicide to rid your clients’ lawns ofinvaders, you’ve come to the right place!

Bayer Environmental Science

Specticle provides preemergent control of over 75 grasses and broadleaf weeds. Celsius offers postemergent control of many weeds, as well as preemergent control.

DuPont Professional Products

Imprelis controls dandelion, clover, plantains and tough broadleaf weeds like ground ivy. The single active ingredient has a low application rate and low toxicity.

FMC Professional Solutions

SquareOne eliminates weed competition early in the turf growing process. It works through foliar and root uptake to control or suppress over 60 weeds.


SedgeHammer effectively controls both yellow and purple nutsedge in cool and warm-season turfgrasses with demonstrated safety to most turfgrass species.

JH Biotech

Weed Zap is an all-natural, nonselective, postemergent herbicide that is 100 percent biodegradable. It is suitable for spot treatments and border or margin areas.

Jonathan Green

Lawn Moss Control kills lawn moss quickly and contains iron for green turf. The easy-to-spread granules are small for improved performance.

Nufarm Americas

4-Speed combines pyraflufen, 2,4-D, dicamba and MCPP-p, while 4-Speed XT contains triclopyr, pyraflufen, dicamba and 2,4-D. For broadleaf weed control.


Trimec 1000 low-odor broadleaf herbicide contains MCPP, dicamba, DEA and DMA. The formulation resists crystallization, allowing more thorough absorption.

Pro Ap Products

One Ap is a fertilizer product that can be spread once a year and contains Cavalcade for preemergent weed control.


Isoxaben 75WG offers preemergent control of certain broadleaf weeds in established turfgrass. 2-D controls annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in established turfgrass.

Valent Professional Products

SureGuard provides long-lasting preemergent control of annual broadleaf and grassy weeds such as spurge, bittercress, oxalis, annual bluegrass and crabgrass.

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