Ants, chinch bugs, grubs and burrowing animals—those of you who come face to face with these pests on a day-to-day basis don’t want sympathy, you want solutions. The companies below offer a plethora of products to get rid of these problematic pests!

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ArborSystems Pointer insecticide controls emerald ash borers, pine bark beetles, aphids, adelgids, leafhoppers, elm leaf beetles, leaf miners, whiteflies and more. It contains the active ingredient imidacloprid and can be used in conjunction with the Wedgle Direct-Inject unit to treat almost any tree in five minutes.

Great Oak

DeerPro Winter Animal Repellent is a long-lasting, professional-strength deer repellent. One spray application in the fall protects all winter long. The active ingredient is thiram, a strong taste deterrent. DeerPro is specially formulated to stay in suspension longer and give a consistent spray with no clogging.

JPF BirdScare

JPF BirdScare products safely get rid of pest animals such as geese, birds and deer. JPF noisemakers generate sudden, harmless noise and movement that invade the animal’s territory. BobbeX spray is safe, odorless and colorless, but imparts an unpleasant taste to valuable grass and trees, repelling pests.


Imida Pro 2SC is an imidacloprid-based systemic insecticide that is EPA-registered for use on turf, golf courses, lawns and ornamentals as a spray or as a drench.

Arysta LifeScience

ALOFT LC comes in granular and liquid formulations and provides immediate knockdown of early-season adults, as well as systemic and residual activity.

Bell Laboratories

The Talpirid Mole Trap features hands-free setting for safety and dual springs for maximum catching power. It sits close to the ground when set.


Produces beneficial nematodes to kill pest insects. HETEROMASK controls over 230 pests, including white grubs and black vine weevils.

BioSafe Systems

AzaGuard is an insect growth regulator containing 3 percent azadirachtin that controls over 300 insect species. It prevents molting between life cycle stages.

Central Life Sciences

Extinguish Plus fire ant bait controls and eliminates colonies without colony relocation and starts killing ants immediately after ingestion.


One application of Acelepryn provides control of turf-damaging white grub species as well as key surface feeders. Also controls pests of landscape ornamentals.

Enviro Protection Industries Co.

EPIC granular repellents are environmentally safe and easy to use, contain all-natural ingredients and feature fast-acting, long-lasting formulas.


The BugBarrier Tree Band offers pesticide and pheromone-free control by trapping insects with an adhesive film over a dense, flexible fiber barrier.


Talstar XTRA is a granular product that can eliminate imported fire ant colonies in four hours or less. Zeta-cypermethrin delivers fast knockdown and kill.

Natural Forces

Bugitol, Nemitol and Dazitol contain essential oil of mustard for fast knockdown and capsaicin for added residual control and repellency.

Nixalite of America

Rejex-it Migrate goose repellent is a biodegradable concentrate that is mixed with water and applied to grass. It repels geese by making the turf less appetizing.

Plant Health Care

Employ H&T suppresses nematode egg production and increases plant stamina and vigor. The product mends rhizomatous turf types such as zoysia.


Plantskydd Animal Repellent

Plantskydd Repellent comes in powder, granular and liquid formulations. It emits an odor that discourages herbivores, such as rabbits and deer, from browsing on plants.

Repellex USA

Repellex mole, vole and gopher granular repellent is made with food-grade ingredients and is safe to use around children, pets and water.


Enforce 75WSP contains imidacloprid and provides long-lasting white grub control. It also works against mole crickets, annual bluegrass weevils and more.

Tech Terra Organics

Essential 1 PHE has a broad range of botanical extracts and essential oils to suppress pest pressure and fermented sucrose to boost plant metabolism and defenses.


The stainless steel V484 BUGKIL uses 80 watts of light to attract and electrocute insects over an area of up to 1.5 acres. With optional insect catching tray.

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