In this month’s product focus, you’ll find companies that offer the highest quality seeds to help turn your upcoming project into a sea of green.

Simply fill out the reader service card, circle the numbers for the companies you’re interested in and drop it in the mail. In no time, you’ll have all the information you need to find the right seed.

Ampac Seed Co.

Ampac’s Green Friendly line of turf seed helps maximize environmentally friendly requirements, such as drought and salt tolerance and improved disease resistance.

Barenbrug USA

Barenbrug USA sells turf through a wholesale and retail distribution network. Its RPR Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass develops pseudo stolons, allowing it to grow outward to form a fine turf.

Burlingham Seeds

Burlingham provides one-stop shopping, blending, conditioning, production and shipping for the seed distributor. Focuses on improved turfgrasses for the professional market.

Grassland Oregon

Tall fescues include salt-tolerant Tanzania; warm-temperature, brown patch-resistant Patagonia; shade-tolerant Marrakech; and drought-tolerant Escalante.

Jacklin Seed by Simplot

CSI-Rye perennial ryegrass has new genetics that allow it to spread by developing reproductive tillers that creep along the ground. It can self-repair damaged areas.

Jonathan Green

Black Beauty contains improved tall fescues that offer drought and heat tolerance and a dark green color. The waxy cuticle coating helps prevent moisture loss.

Pennington Seed

Pennington offers Water Star qualified grass seed with true water conservation benefits, and seed with its exclusive Penkoted Seed Technology, which literally seals each seed with a protective fungicide.


Mighty perennial ryegrass offers germination vigor and adult and seedling salt tolerance. With a spreading growth habit, it has improved recovery in permanent turf.

ProSeeds Marketing

With more than 20 years of experience, ProSeeds delivers more than 100 million pounds of grass seed all over the world, offering more than 70 varieties of proprietary seed.


Seedway is a full-line distributor of turf seed, mixes and custom blends for lawns, recreational facilities, commercial sites, athletic fields, golf courses and specialty applications.

Turf Merchants

Turf Merchants is a founding member of the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance, Turf Merchants offers its AquaWise brand of grasses with superior drought tolerance, and more.

December’s issue of Turf will feature a product focus on New Products and Equipment for 2012.