LS Training System Offers Five New Snow Videos


Snow season is upon us and soon your crews will be making a 24/7 push to keep residential and commercial properties clear of snow, ice and related winter hazards.
OSHA standards can be difficult for snow and ice contractors to balance with equipment and people challenges. Are your crews ready to handle the weight of snow removal using professional standards?
To address OSHA standards and meet the unique training needs of landscape contractors involved with snow and ice removal, LS Training has released five new training videos to educate, test and train your workforce on snow and landscape equipment operation, safety procedures and ways to reduce liability.

Developed in cooperation with the Snow & Ice Management Association, the 30-minute videos are available online with an annual subscription. The LS Training program provides company owners and managers with the ability to deliver a consistent training message in a reliable format to both tenured and seasonal employees with all levels of experience.  
Video topics include:
‡  Basic Snow Plowing Techniques
‡  Principles of Ice Control
‡  Containment Plow
‡  Winter Walkways
‡  Skid Steer Loaders
Each video walks contractors through proper operational techniques and hazards to avoid when operating snow and ice removal equipment. An exam is included with each video in addition to a customized checklist to help identify each point contractors need to know about the equipment and its safe operation.

Both the videos and exams are available online for easy access and use. All results and employee records are stored on an online management system and the database can manage single companies, as well as companies with hundreds of branches located nationally or internationally. 

For more information, contact Arden Urbano at 877-482-2323 or