Luxury Car-Themed Robotic Mowers? Not Quite Yet!



Wait, what?! Has Tesla launched a sleek, understated robotic mower? Not quite. Just for a bit of fun, Car Lease Fetcher, a UK-based car leasing comparison site, decided to reimagine five luxury cars as robotic lawnmowers—in some cases based on real robotic lawnmowers. Here are some of their imaginary renders and who knows, might the idea catch on?! Stay tuned!

• Tesla CyberMower

Based on the compact Bosch Indego 400 Connect, the Tesla Cybertruck-inspired autonomous lawnmower (above) looks like it has the foundations to eclipse any past winner of Robot Wars thanks to its impenetrable exoskeleton meshed together with a silky stainless steel skin.

The ‘CyberMower’ draws more inspiration from the real-life car model with its retractable grass storage compartment that mirrors the Cybertruck’s storage bed. Not to mention the single front headlight that means this baby can mow your lawn 24/7 whilst never being out of sight!

When it comes to the garage, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The futuristic stainless steel structure makes the ‘CyberMower’ feel at home as it nestles into its customized mini Supercharger in preparation for the next mow-ning.

• Land Mower Range Mower


Gaining design inspiration from the workhorse-like Ambrogio Robot L60, the Range Rover lawnmower provides the power and control needed to tackle the weediest yards on the wettest of days.

Renowned for their 4×4 prowess, Land Rover ensured its lawnmower wouldn’t be restricted to the perimeter of any yard. With its 21” 5 Split-Spoke Diamond Turned Alloy wheels and formidable yet distinguished front end, could this mountainous vehicle reaching the summit of Everest?

When the day is done the ‘Range Mower’ tackles treacherous terrain to return home to its sea-view pad beneath the rocks.

For more luxury cars reimagined as robotic lawnmowers, including the “Ferrari 812 Supergrassed,” the “Grass-ton Martin DB5,” and the “Bugatti La Voiture Mo-ire,” inspired by the real-life Husqvarna 435X AWD, check out the Car Lease Fetcher page.