How’s your pond doing? Do you look forward to spending time sitting around the water taking in the view, or does yours feature stagnant water and algae with a not-so-pleasant aroma?

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic display or just a little oxygenation, you can find a solution in this month’s Guide to Fountains and Aerators.

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Aeration Industries

AIRE-02 Aerators oxygenate and circulate an entire pond. Subsurface, horizontal flow prevents stagnant conditions, algae, scum and odors.


Offering a line of fountains and aerators, including the SYMPHONY Floating Fountain, which comes completely assembled with four different spray patterns.


Modern Air Aerators require no maintenance, can pump over 9 million gallons of water per day, are noncorrosive and control algae and odor problems.

Lake Fountains & Aeration

Mini Series fountains are available in three-tier, geyser and morning glory displays, and run on 110-volt, single-phase electric power.


The Complete Pro is a pump package that includes a professional-grade LP pump and quick-disconnect couplings housed in a heavy-duty fiberglass enclosure.


Offering a line of aerating fountains, industrial aerators and giant fountains. Units add aeration to control algae blooms, odors and discoloration.

Scott Aerator

The DA-20 Display Aerator keeps water clean and provides aeration while keeping algae away. It can move up to 400 gallons per minute.

The February issue of Turf will feature guides to Preemergent & Postemergent Herbicides, Soil Aerators and Walk-Behind Mowers & Accessories.