ABI offers the UltraClear line, a variety of biological products for improving water clarity in ponds and lakes.

Aeration Industries

Aire-O2 Aerators oxygenateand circulate ponds, preventingalgae, scum and odors.Subsurface horizontal flowprevents stagnant conditions.

Aeromix Systems

The Symphony Floating Fountain requires 30 inches of water depth, is easy to install and comes completely assembled with four different spray patterns.

Allan Block

Allan Block Retaining Wallproducts can be used for gardenand landscape walls orlarge-scale retaining walls.

Anchor Wall Systems

The Anchor Highland Stone free-standing wall in earthen colors is available in two heights and three face lengths. Column units available in two heights.

Aqua Control

Display aerators and fountainsrange from .5 to 40 hp with34 spray patterns. Pump allowsfor water intake from deeperthan 5 feet below the surface.


Fountain aerators create oxygen through a stainless steel propeller diffuser system. Oxygen circulation and wave action prevent thermal stratification.

Becker Underwood

Black Onyx lake and pond colorant is a high-concentrate colorant that helps create the natural look of black-colored water.

Collier Metal Specialties

Offers 14-gauge steel landscape edging that is 3/16-inch thick and comes in 4 and 6-inch heights. Powder-coat colors include green, brown and black.


Contech Bridge Solutions offers a comprehensive line of bridge products to suit any application, including plate, precast and truss structures.

Decorating Elves

Decorating Elves is a Christmas lighting and holiday décor franchise offering design, installation, maintenance, removal and storage.


The Aqua-T line includes natural bacterial cultures to reduce sludge, control odors and digest excess nutrients. Also includes a nontoxic blue dye.

Ecological Laboratories

Microbe-Lift GOLF reduces cloudy water in ponds through photosynthetic bacteria that promote flocculation and settling of particles.

For the Edge

The TRENCH’N edge trencher’s cutting system blows material directly onto tarps to eliminate cleanup. Install brick edging, retaining walls and more.


StoneWall SELECT retaining wall systems have a random pattern, which does not require cutting when making curves.

Kasco Marine

The Madrone fountain nozzle is one of four patterns offered as extras on Kasco Marine’s 2, 3 and 5 hp fountains, which operate at a low RPM.


Keystone Verazzo Stone, a segmental retaining wall unit, offers a natural stone look. Each unit is finished on two sides, allowing a random-pattern look.


Accent Lights feature 40,000-hour LED, die-cast aluminum or brass housing, clear tempered glass lens, three beam spreads and three finishes.

Kingscote Chemicals

Tropical Shade Lake and Pond dyes are available in four nontoxic, biodegradable colors—blue, blue-green, black and blue-black.

Kwik Kerb

The Edgemaster Series 800 can extrude up to 300 feet of molded, free-form concrete border edging per hour and can be operated by one person.

Lake Fountains & Aeration

Offering a line of fountains ranging in height from 5 to 100 feet in a variety of styles and patterns. Pumps are available up to 30 hp in different voltages.

Novozymes Biologicals

Lake Relief lake and pond clarifier is made with a proprietary blend of Novozymes Microbes. Improves clarity, reduces odors and restores balance.

Otterbine Barebo

Otterbine surface and subsurface aerating fountain systems induce oxygen into the water column, promoting aerobic digestion of excessive waste, runoff and algae.

Outdoor Water Solutions

The OWS Aeration Windmill is low-maintenance and gets rid of algae, bacteria and odors without chemicals or electricity. Features BalCam technology.

Oxford Garden

The Signature Series 5-foot bench is made from shorea wood and has a wide back panel, allowing for laser engraving of a logo, text or image.

Pave Tech

PAVE EDGE is a line of plastic paver edge restraints that comes in several profiles including rigid, flexible and industrial.


BrickBlock is a permanent, reversible aluminum paving restraint system with a low profile and open foot design that promotes healthy turf growth.

Reef Industries

Permalon pond liners, made of alloyed HDPE that resists punctures and tears, are UV-stabilized and not prone to cracking from environmental stress.

Replications Unlimited

UreStone Rocks are lightweight water features molded from real rock formations. Multiple colors and styles available. All units are preplumbed.

Risi Stone Systems

RisiStone retaining wall systems feature solid units that are self-aligning for easy installation. Offers free design software and drawings online.

Rock & Water Creations

Offers artificial boulders and rock cliff panels made from a precast, Portland cement-based composite with alkali-resistant glass fibers.


Classic Colonial 8 retaining walls offer the look of natural stone and feature Rockwood’s Positive Connection System, which provides extra support.

Silver Creek Stoneworks

Silver Creek Stoneworks’ paver products create the look of stone and brick with concrete. Brick pavers weigh 10 pounds and Cobblestone pavers weigh 8.5 pounds.


Sure-loc reversible aluminum paver edging will not rust or rot, has no overlapping joints and allows for straight lines, curves and corners.

Topp Industries

Offers landscape rocks with a natural appearance, formed and sized to hide utility pipes and structures. Six models available in sandstone or charcoal gray.

U.S. Aqua Vac

U.S. Aqua Vac removes muck and sludge from golf course lakes and ponds, as well as other types of waterways.


Versa-Lok is a solid, top-pinning segmental retaining wall system available in traditional split-face and vintage Weathered textures.

Guides to Insect & Pest Control and Irrigation Products will be featured in the June issue of Turf.



In the “What’s New” section in April’s Turf, the wrong photo ran with the description for Jungle Jim’s. We apologize for any confusion.

Here is the entry as it should have appeared:

Welcome to the Jungle

Jungle Jim’s Jungle Wheel SS has a four-point hitch system and reinforced pivot connection for durability. It features a telescopic arm for compact storage, a removable wheel cover and tool-free axle to swap tires without tools. The sulky can be stored easily using the operator’s foot.