John Grosso of C&P Growers said the Hustler Super Z did an amazing job of cutting at high speeds and mulching the grass on the numerous properties cuts.

Our company was recently asked to perform a field test on the Hustler Super Z. One of the first things we noticed was that the machine was constructed of heavy-gauge steel and was painted a factory yellow. We do a lot of roadside work in our business and like the idea of the yellow color, as it is easily visible and provides a greater level of safety for our employees.

The mowers that we are currently using have Kohler or Kawasaki engines, and we have always been happy with the performance of this product. We were therefore happy to find that the Hustler Super Z comes with either one as well.

We tested the Hustler Super Z for several weeks and were not disappointed with the performance at all. While cutting our industrial properties, which have uneven terrain, inclines and berms, the Hustler Super Z had plenty of power and performed very well in this category. Many of the properties we maintain are not cut on a weekly basis and, therefore, the grass gets high. However, this was not a problem as the VX4 deck did an amazing job of cutting at high speeds and mulching the grass as well. The machine also maneuvered well around obstacles, cutting down on time. The Hustler Super Z gets the job done with power and speed, reduces time and produced nice results in the end. All of which are very important in our line of work.

Our employees commented on how all the gauges and controls were easy to read and operate. Another important thing to consider is the comfort of a machine. Our employees are on the mowers for long periods of time and found that the seating and armrests were very comfortable. As an owner of the company, if you have a happy employee at the end of the day, it means a lot.

We are a family-owned landscape company that has been in business for 20 years providing landscape maintenance to industrial properties, homeowner associations, hotels, high-end properties, and more. We have purchased a certain manufacturer’s product for many years. However, after testing the Hustler Super Z, I can assure you that this will be the next mower to be added to our fleet. We are glad that we got the opportunity to test this machine out, as we are always looking for products to improve our business.

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