Manufacturer executives share their insights on 2012

Our advertising partners weigh in on where the green industry is headed in 2012. Take a look at what they have to say about the upcoming season, and how they can help you succeed.

Paul Wolbert

Vice President, U.S. Lawns

“With the economy continuing to rebound in 2012, all business owners are facing the fact that business is not usual. Property owners and managers have learned from the past and we need to react differently to their needs. Today, new economic standards are in place so we need to react differently.

“At U.S. Lawns we are seeking independent business owners who are ready to advance to the next level and become part of U.S. Lawns’ nationwide network of owner-operators. Ideal candidates for a U.S. Lawns franchise are owners of landscape-contracting businesses who could benefit from:

  • Sophisticated administrative and finance-management systems;
  • Expertise in sales and competitive bidding;
  • Proven strategies in recruiting and worker retention;
  • Comprehensive programs in training and development; and
  • A personal business advisor who provides dedicated support to each franchisee.

“Independent operators face an array of challenges in this economy, from tight credit to increased government regulation. U.S. Lawns’ conversion program allows these owners to retain their independence while enjoying the safety and reliability of a large support system. Through national strength and local commitment, U.S. Lawns franchisees are uniquely positioned to stay a step ahead of the competition and delivery results.

See what’s in your future!”

Scott Sweeney

President, Seago International

“Seago is looking forward to 2012 as we expand further into the landscaping market with products from around the world. New for the coming year are four new mowers from Masport:

1. 21-inch aluminum deck mower with a patented limb chipper (Chipperchute) built in.

2. 21-inch steel deck 3-N-1 machine with single handle height-of-cut adjustment.

3. The Rotarola, a 20-inch rotary with a steel rear roller for dynamic striping, but still the ease of use and low maintenance of a rotary.

4. The 26-inch-wide Olympic 660 from Masport, for traditional reel mower cut in a solidly built and easy-to-use mower, has a split roller that makes turns and curves easy, as does the single-handle height-of-cut adjustment.

“Other professional landscape products from Seago include:

  • Atom Professional Edger: Shaft driven, wheel-barrow design. Incredibly safe.
  • Allen Hover Mowers: For slopes, hillsides, ponds or lake banks.
  • PortaPump: A one-man pumping station; 33 GPM, Honda-powered and portable.
  • Spyker Spreader: Seago offers the full line from Spyker.

“For over 25 years, Seago has been the United States distributor for high-quality products from England, Australia and New Zealand. Dealer inquiries welcome.”

Tom Dimauro

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Curtis Industries

“Curtis Pro Series cab systems have been the leading choice of turf management professionals since 1968. Curtis has offered high-quality, durable vehicle enclosures, which provide operator protection from the elements. With a Curtis Pro Series cab, turf management vehicles can be utilized more often, which results in minimal downtime and higher revenues. We have worked cooperatively with most of the major vehicle manufacturers in developing enclosures with features, quality and practical use in mind.

“With challenges from national and global economies, we have remained diligent in our efforts to be more efficient and effective in our day-to-day business management tasks. We continually strive to produce superior products to match tough and varied work environments. Environmental concerns have also emerged, which inspired the development of the new Fast Cast 550E spreader with an electric motor, providing quiet, pollution-free use.

“Over the past several years we made changes to improve our customer service and product offerings. Specifically, we have incorporated a branding campaign to identify our product lines, heightened the quality and frequency of dealer communications, created an online product catalog and order system and added a cadre of field sales representatives. With these changes, we remain the same dedicated company with decades of cab experience and a commitment to supply you with the right solution for your business.”

J. Sells

Director, Sales & Marketing, Metro Lawn

“Propane, it’s not just for grilling anymore. With the state of the economy over the past few years, our country has been actively seeking alternative fuel resources for engine fuel use. Recently, the U.S. government has made an aggressive move towards alternative fueling of our country’s engines as well as keeping the air we breathe and the land around us clean. Propane has become one of the preferred alternative fuel resources for many of our automotive and small engines needs. Metro Lawn was formed to answer the call for this industry by providing a program to supply not only the fuel and refueling infrastructure, but also to provide the training, resources and conversion expertise to support this alternative fuel need for the lawn and landscape industry. Since the inception of Metro Lawn, we have provided this service to convert more than 3,000-plus mowers, as well as provide the effortless supply of fuel management for this industry. As 2011 closes and 2012 unfolds we’re seeing a tremendous move towards this effort, and the industry as a whole has called for more ways to show we too are doing our part in this effort. We at Metro Lawn are proud to lead this effort for 2012 and look forward to increasing this technology, as well as providing more incentives for the years to come.”

Lee Richey

General Manager, Emak USA

“As we transition from 2011 to 2012, Emak USA, our distributors and dealers wish all of you a very prosperous, healthy, and happy new year. While the past few years have presented many of us with some serious economic and environmental challenges, we enter 2012 optimistic for a return to normal growth in the green industry. As the third largest supplier of outdoor power equipment to the European market, Emak is committed to supplying the North American Market with high-quality efco brand hand-held equipment at competitive prices. Our offering includes a full range of trimmers, brushcutters, chain saws, hedge trimmers, blowers and pole pruners, and other products that meet or exceed the needs of the discriminating user, whether you are a homeowner, farmer, professional landscaper or arborist. We offer a five-year, no-fear homeowner warranty and a two-year commercial warranty. We back up our products through our growing network of servicing dealers, and are rapidly gaining momentum in the North American market and urge you to compare our features and prices with the other brands. Visit us on the Web at”

Dan Williams

Technical Sales Manager, Eureka Chemical Company

“For more than 60 years, the Fluid Film product line has excelled at protecting critical military components, million-dollar pieces of farm equipment and a host of other essential machinery, as well as offering superior lubrication across a wide range of industries. It has almost unlimited applications due to its unique formulation and has even been utilized by NASA for the space shuttle.

“With no solvent content, Fluid Film will not harm paint, plastic or oil-resistant synthetic rubbers, making it useful for applications completely unavailable to other similar products. Fluid Film will keep locks from freezing, protect battery terminals for at least 12 months, and even condition and waterproof leather work boots and baseball mitts. It also works as a release agent for snow and ice during winter and for grass during spring and summer on cutting devices.

“Fluid Film is sold nationally through Grainger, John Deere and New Holland dealers. For a list of retail locations, visit

Tom Rich

President, L.T. Rich Products

“2011 was our most successful year to date at L.T. Rich Products. We experienced record growth machine sales and overall revenue from 2010.

“We’re expecting double-digit growth again in 2012, as our December pre-orders were well above expectations. We’re also looking forward to new product offerings, as well as continuing to make improvements on our existing equipment.

“Our growth has enabled us to add more staff for better customer service and to focus on new products for the industry. We attribute our success to always paying close attention to our customers’ needs, and assessing the constantly changing green industry.

“We’re thankful for the business and the continued support of our customers, and look forward to establishing relationships with new customers. We’re making substantial investments in new equipment and we’re adding a new facility and staff to meet growing demand.”

Brandon Lisinicchia

Sales Manager LG&A, Novae Corp.

“We’re expecting the economy to gradually improve in 2012. Though the outlook seems positive, there are many challenges ahead. Businesses like yours must continue to find ways to contain cost and increase efficiency. Here at Novae Corporation we understand the value of every dollar invested in your business. That’s why we offer products that are innovative, cost-effective and help keep your operating cost low.

“Finding ways to control cost and distinguish yourself from your competition will be paramount in 2012. If you don’t already use Proslide XT sulkies or Gridiron Tool Storage Systems, ask someone who does. These products are a must-have for any business looking to gain an edge.

“Proslide XT will make your lawns look great and keep your crews comfortable and productive throughout those long work days. Gridiron will keep your expensive tools secure and allow your crews to keep cycle times low. Increased efficiency means more money to your bottom line.

Novae Corporation has more than 400 dealer locations throughout North America that are ready to help your business succeed in 2012. Please check out the videos for the Proslide XT and Gridiron Tool Storage Systems at”