Lawncare and landscape professionals speak out.

fireman gus: “Do you guys actually take on one-time mowings, or do all customers have to be under ‘contract’ for the entire season? Would this be profitable?”

jumpinjimburns: “I do. It might turn out to be a full-time gig.”

Lawnman24949: “I only take on one-time mowings if they are in the same neighborhood I am cutting in or very close to clients. Also, I would charge them $10 to $15 more than weekly customers because they can be an inconvenience and half the time they have not been string-trimmed in several weeks.”

Richard Martin: “I didn’t used to, but now I do. I figured out that I actually pick up a good bit of work from one-time mowings and a bunch of them have turned into full-time gigs over the years. I price them the same as any other job. If they’re out of control, there is a surcharge.”

Topsites: “Same here. I didn’t used to, but it’s actually evolved into quite a little sideline for me, that one-time mow gig. Some of the customers call me back later; most don’t, but I don’t turn [down] this type of work.”

Groomer: “If they are close by or right next door, sure. Happens all the time, vacations or whatever. We call ’em ‘courtesy cuts’ and charge a little extra. Just got a check for a three-week cut today.”

Coopmaster: “Sure. I price it a little higher and tell them that if they sign up as a regular customer it would be a little less expensive. Hard to turn work down.”

joshman108: “It depends on my mood and how nice the caller sounds. I wouldn’t say I really need the money, so it comes out pretty subjective.”

TheChiefsLawnCare: “Yeah, I will usually only take them on if they are already kept up. I actually just did three last week, but they were all kept up so it was all good. I definitely won’t be chopping down a forest and cutting sod I can sell off the sidewalk just for one time, you lose too much money.”

Jimslawncareservice: “If I have time, why not? I price it accordingly. Sometimes I get called back; sometimes not. Sometimes I get them for several seasons.”