Whether you have a small job to tackle, or you have a large mess that requires a truck-mounted attachment, you’re sure to find the sweeper you need right here.

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CleanSweep rotary brooms come in 48 and 60-inch fixed-angle models and a 60-inch hydraulic bidirectional model. The brooms are adjustable from the operator’s seat.


The Premium Lawn Sweeper features 14-gauge welded housing, 17-cubic-foot hopper capacity, aluminum wheels and six 12-inch-diameter brushes.

Schwarze Industries

Manufactures parking lot and street sweepers. Products range from the PVII 2-cubic-yard slide-in model to the S-Series model to heavy-duty air and broom models.

Turf Teq

The Power Broom with hydrostatic transmission allows brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left or right) to be adjusted from the operator position.


The HB580 Power Broom offers a self-leveling feature, cornerless frame design, optional electric actuator and nylon bristle broom cores that can be changed in minutes.


The 66-inch broom for ATVs and UTVs offers fingertip controls, 11 hp Honda motor, side markers for accuracy, extendable frame and electric lift.


The sweeper attachment comes in six sizes from 36 to 84 inches and has a reversible cutting edge and polypropylene bristles that deposit debris in the bucket.


The ProSweep for the PAS Power Head cleans a 22-inch swath with .028-inch diameter concave nylon bristles that minimize windrowing. Optional .018-inch bristles.


The Sweep Master’s brushes raise the blades of grass to reduce matting and allow topdressing material to sift through turf. Hydraulic and electric lifts available.

Haaga North America

Haaga Sweepers are people-powered machines featuring a patented, dual-action brush system with a wear-resistant, belt-free drive and quiet operation.

Heying Co.

The 6-foot-wide MG72 Multi Groomer sweeps and grooms natural and artificial turf. It features heavy-duty steel construction and a built-in electric lift system.


The SW38 38-inch tow-behind sweeper features dual-brush sweeping action, rear wheel design, 11-bushel capacity and removable hopper that folds flat.


Vacuum parking lot sweepers include the 2200, which slides into pickup trucks; the Econo 1600 sweeper; the 3-yard 1600; and the Diesel 5000 5-yard unit.


The Suburbanite has a 36-inch sweeping width and 17-cubic-foot capacity basket. Eight polypropylene, steel-backed brushes are arranged in four staggered rows.


The PS344 PowerBroom features a 34cc Hybrid 4 engine, 23-inch swath, 12-fin rubber paddles, various attachments, and comfortable left-hand and right-hand handles.


The Sweep Star 60 is a self-propelled, hydraulically driven, three-wheeled model with a debris hopper that can be raised to over 6 feet for easy dumping.


The Pro 720 has a 72-inch-long main frame and contains no moving parts, eliminating the maintenance of sprockets and bearings typically associated with rotary brooms.


The Sweepster CS reduces visible dust while sweeping, using a high-volume fan. Four casters and parallel linkage suspension allow it to follow ground contours.


The SW48-M Sweep-N-Clean is lightweight and compact, with a remote-controlled electric clutch and electric actuated hopper that holds about 16 cubic feet.

United Rotary Brush

Offers a wide variety of wafer sections in poly, wire or combination versions; and flat or convoluted versions. Wafers are designed for durability.

York Rakes

The YBWB3 is powered by a 5 hp B&S engine that drives dual belts and a gear-type axle. The brush section is 3 feet wide and 24 inches in diameter.