Tanaka TBC-240PF Trimmer

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

Photos by Andy Glowacki

Recently, I had the opportunity to field-test Tanaka’s new TBC-240PF trimmer. The new unit seemed well-built. My initial impression turned out to be true; during the monthlong field test, I used the unit in many situations, and it certainly met my high expectations.

Tanaka’s TBC-240PFtrimmer features a 5-inchsemiautomatic cutting head. The 23cc, 1.2 hpPureFire engine onTanaka’s TBC-240PF trimmer.

The 23cc, 1.2 hp PureFire engine, which is a traditional two-stroke, delivered good overall performance. One of the nicest features was how smoothly it operated. Even at full throttle, the vibration felt by the operator was minimal. The engine also always started easily. It provided adequate power for regular lawn maintenance, but don’t expect it to tackle any tough brush-clearing jobs. However, after about two or three weeks, the engine must have gone through its break-in period, because I did notice some increase in power. Fuel consumption seemed to be quite good. I found the noise level produced by the engine comparable to most other trimmers I have used.

The complete unit weighs only 11.5 pounds,making it comfortable to operate.

The complete unit weighs 11.5 pounds and is balanced well, so it is comfortable to operate. I have several lawn accounts that require well over an hour’s worth of trimming; even after that much time, I did not experience much fatigue. However, there is no way to lock the throttle. The on/off switch is located above the throttle, like most other trimmers on the market today.

The 5-inch semiautomatic cutting head is well-designed. It was easy to rewind, especially after doing it a few times. Advancing the trimmer line was a simple task. A slight tap on the ground was all it took to advance more line; no slamming the unit against the ground hoping that it would advance. Power is delivered to the cutting head via a solid steel driveshaft, which according to the brochure that came with the trimmer, features a lifetime warranty. The rest of the unit has a two-year commercial warranty.

I had always known Tanaka to have a reputation for manufacturing quality products, and the TBC-240PF trimmer lives up to that reputation. Overall, I found it to be a capable machine, and I am confident that it would provide just about anyone with years of reliable service.

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