Davis Landscape, LTD is a large commercial landscape contractor serving the East Coast with their headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., and an office in Raleigh, N.C. The Davis family has been in the landscaping business since 1934, and since then, Davis Landscape’s fleet has grown to over 100 trucks and several hundred tractors, mowers and miscellaneous powered field equipment.

Davis Landscape was first introduced to Turf Teq in the spring of 2006. Since then, the fleet of Turf Teq equipment owned by Davis Landscape has grown to nine power units and 12 interchangeable heads. It became clear very early on that the Turf Teq line was a considerable time-saver. In a very competitive market, productivity and efficiency is key, and finishing jobs in half the time of other leading manufacturers’ equipment and still being able to provide quality service was what sold Davis Landscape on the product.

The infinitely variable drive makes it possible to adjust the speed constantly, so without any hesitation, the brush cutter plowed through all the growth on the side of the highway.
Photos by Bill Phillips.

Finding unique and efficient ways to handle difficult jobs is a constant goal. Davis Landscape contracted a mowing job next to a limited access highway with a guardrail on one side and a concrete culvert on the other side. This prevented heavy equipment from being brought in, and weed wackers with blades are dangerous and a slow process. So, we contacted Randy Saylor at Turf Teq to see if he would be up for a challenge. Unsure if the Turf Teq unit had the power to knock down a year’s worth of heavy growth over 10 feet high, we held our breath.

Randy unloaded the power unit and within minutes attached the brush cutter. He started dead in the middle of the tallest growth. The infinitely variable drive made it possible for him to adjust the speed constantly as he moved through the thick undergrowth. With one pass made, we each took a turn running the brand-new brush cutter. The Turf Teq brush cutter has several unique features that we quickly saw were going to be the answer to the challenge. For example, many low areas were still very soggy as the sun was unable to dry them due to the heavy growth. Turf Teq’s differential lock is easily engaged while still standing behind the machine, so as soon as we began to slip, it was kicked in, and we plowed right through. Without any hesitation, the brush cutter plowed through all the growth. The Turf Teq brush cutter allowed us to use half the labor that would have been necessary to cut the area along side the highway.

We immediately purchased our own brush cutter attachment, and have used it numerous times since owning it. Each time it was used in an area where we could not get a larger unit into, and we would have been out there with weed wackers trying to cut the growth.

Another attachment that we demonstrated, and eventually purchased, was their bed edging attachment. The ability to increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue is what sold us on this product. The forward motion to cut the edge is much easier to follow and the power of the unit cuts through roots. Some of them that we had to go through were at least 2 inches in diameter and it cut them with no problem. With all the power available, the machine powers through most anything without bouncing all over the place, therefore saving the operator from fighting to keep the machine on the intended path.

The fleet of Turf Teq equipment owned by Davis Landscape has grown to nine power units and 12 interchangeable heads. The most recent addition was the brush cutter that they used for the field test.

Lastly, our powered broom attachment has been another welcome addition to our fleet of equipment. We maintain a development with porous concrete sidewalks that must be cleaned twice a year. The powered broom cleans them perfectly and quickly. Also, for light snow it cannot be beat. We use it at one of our 24/7 sites, and it makes quick work of all the sidewalks in front of the building. It is much quicker than a snow blower or trying to blow the sidewalks with a backpack blower. Plus, we can utilize the powered broom, depending on the consistency of the snow, to a much greater depth than a backpack blower.

The Turf Teq power units and attachments have been a valuable addition to our line of equipment. The interchangeability, ease of switching between implements, durability and ease of operation is what has sold us over the years. It allows us to provide a quality service in a timely manner while also keeping our employees safe. We will continue to look forward to new power units and attachments that Turf Teq brings to the market.

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