Degradable Turf Netting

Conwed SodNet and SodWrap turf netting with Ecocycle Technology degrades belowground after the netting is no longer needed. The Ecocycle Technology modifies standard plastic, enabling the netting to lose strength at a programmed rate. During the useful life, the netting is stabilized to prevent the premature onset of strength reduction in netting, and as the netting ages beyond its design life, with ambient heat and oxygen, it becomes brittle and breaks into small fragments.

The netting does not interfere with future landscape alterations.

Research-based Organic Fertilizer

PlanTTech fertilizers feature a chelation technique that ensures proper nutrient transfer via stimulation of indigenous microbes and mycorrhiza. The fertilizers come in granular and liquid forms, and are also offered in two new organic fertilizers with zero phosphorus (8-0-4, 12-0-4 Hybrid) to help comply with new state regulations that may become law in the future.

No sewerage sludge or manure is used in manufacturing, so there are no offensive odors or heavy metal contamination.

PlanTTech is a joint venture involving Griggs Brothers.

Surge and Protect

Time Mark’s Model SPD (Surge Protective Devices) Series meets the new UL 1449 Third Edition requirements. Units protect sensitive electronic equipment from the harmful effects of transients and RFI/EMI interference. Models are configured for either parallel or series installation, or can be din rail or wall mounted. Units are rated as Type 4 SPDs for application in Type 1-2 locations, making the SPD series ideal for incorporation into control cabinets to protect irrigation systems, as well as other sensitive microelectronic-based equipment.

The Model SPD Series units are self-contained and employ 20mm MOVs as their key suppression elements.

Secure Your Trailer from Theft

The Ball & Ring Hitch Lock anti-theft device secures the ball placement or ring hole, preventing anyone from hooking up and stealing a trailer. Manufactured by the Equipment Lock Company, it fits nearly every type of trailer using a 1 7/8-inch, 2-inch or 2 5/16-inch ball or ring-type hitch.

The King of Grass Catchers

Urbano Associates’ Catcher King Grass Catchers feature the K.I.S.S. mounting system and comfort grip handles that do not dig into your hands. The standard steel catchers are complete welded units finished with black powder coating for a lasting finish. Various models available.

Reach for the Sky

The 700 Series Articulating Loaders from Boxer, a division of Compact Power, Inc., are available in the 726DT, 732DT and 749DT models, all with hydrostatic transmissions, four-wheel drive and low ground pressure.

Designed with a telescopic arm, the hinge pin height of the 726DT can reach more than 8 feet, the 732DT over 9 feet and the 749DT over 12 feet. In addition, the 700 Series has user-friendly controls, an ergonomic suspension seat and an operator station that allows for 360-degree visibility.

The compact loader can take both hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments: the 726DT and 732DT models take mini-skid attachments and the 749DT model accepts full-size skid steer attachments.

Grow Healthy Plants While Saving Water

Terawet’s AgroGel Blue is a nontoxic soil polymer crystal combined with a slow-release fertilizer. It absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water in the soil and then releases moisture when the soil dries out. The tiny reservoirs of water promote the roots to grow and absorb the moisture, growing to the next closest one, resulting in a greater root mass.

Cut Your Spread Time

TurfTime Equipment’s model TT2410 TopDresser features a 1-cubic-yard struck capacity and many standard features. Remote electrical console includes spinner and belt variable speed controls, as well as an electric over hydraulic EZ-Set metering gate actuator. The 23-inch-diameter fixed, tilted, twin spinners provide 6-foot heavy to 50-foot light uniform spread patterns.

New Gravely Mowers

The new Gravely 100i XDZ line of mowers from Ariens Co. feature twin-cylinder Kawasaki engines, Ogura GT 2.5 electric clutch, 10-gallon fuel capacity and commercial-duty Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transaxles. This line of mowers has integrated transmission and X-Factor deck design. A foot-operated deck lift and twin stick controls minimize fatigue.

The Gravely 100i XDZ is available in three models: the 148iM XDZ with 48-inch cutting width; the 152iM XDZ with 52-inch cutting width; and the 160iM SCZ with 60-inch cutting width.

A wide array of accessories and attachments are available.

Angled Broom for Many Applications

The Land Pride AB25 Series Powered Rotary Broom mounts on the skid steer adapter plates of skid steers and tractor loaders equipped with skid steer mounting plates. The tractor or skid steer must have a minimum hydraulic flow capability of 12 to 15 gallons per minute. The Angle Broom is ideal for construction site cleanup, road maintenance, light snow removal on paved surfaces, cart path maintenance and turf scalping operations prior to overseeding operations. An optional dust control curtain or optional spray system is available.

A Portable Crushing Plant

The McCloskey C44 Cone Crusher is powered by a Caterpillar Tier III 430 hp engine with all-around access for maintenance and features a high-efficiency diesel hydraulic system and heavy-duty steel hopper combined with a metal detector and automatic release system to protect the cone. Dynamic adjust-closed side setting can be changed while crushing, maximizing uptime and increasing productivity.

The unit has a transport height of 11 feet 2 inches and a length of 53 feet 7 inches.

Make Fall Cleanups Easy

True Temper’s Collector Series leaf rakes feature a large basket design, in which all tines are in contact with the ground at one time so leaves are collected quickly. The lightweight rake has a 60-inch vinyl-coated steel handle.

The Collector Series shrub rakes are smaller to maneuver around plants, and also feature a 60-inch handle for easy reach.

Best of Both Worlds

The RTV1140CPX utility vehicle from Kubota features a transformation system that quickly converts from one to two-row seating options, allowing the operator to choose between additional passenger capacity or cargo space. Retractable seatbelts and a hydraulic lift bed are functional in both seating modes and come standard.

The four-wheel drive UV is powered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine with 24.8 hp, four-wheel wet disc brakes and hydraulic power steering. The RTV1140CPX also features a new VHT Plus transmission.

Maximum cargo load is 1,105 pounds with a towing capacity of 1,300 pounds. Available in Kubota orange and Realtree Hardwoods Camouflage models.

Clean Energy

Dixie Chopper’s CNG (compressed natural gas) mower, officially known as the Xcaliber Eco-Eagle, is powered by a 990cc Generac engine and features a 66-inch cutting deck. As with all Xcaliber mowers, the Eco-Eagle has springer forks and an electric deck lift, as well as an operator-controlled discharge chute (OCDC). There is also a 12-volt adapter for an iPod or cell phone, and can also be used to charge a walkie-talkie or plug in an emergency light. The mower comes equipped with a factory-installed roll bar, which is now standard on all Dixie Chopper models.