Revolutionary Rain Barrels

Tuff Tech’s Flexible Rain Barrels are now sized for smaller storage capacities, widening the product’s applications to include residential and commercial rainwater and potable water storage. The bags are made with a coated nylon fabric, making them lightweight and flexible, and a patented manufacturing process ensures they are UV-protected and freeze-proof. Sizes range from 5 to 50,000 gallons, can be installed almost anywhere and are available in 20 colors.

It’s Easy Being Green

Designed to be easy to use and eco-friendly, the GreenWorks Lithium-Ion 21602 12-inch trimmer features a long-lasting, rechargeable, 20-volt (6-Ah) battery. The battery is compatible with all GreenWorks lithium-ion products, including the hedge trimmer, blower, chain saw, etc., and charges to full power in just 4.5 hours, offering 45 minutes of run time.

A Better Turf Brush

The TB200 turf brush from SGM Industries features ground-driven, counter-rotating brushes ideal for all turf types and is fully adjustable to gently groom or aggressively move heavy sand to backfill aerifier holes. Helps eliminate turf bruising and stress from verticutting.

Vacuums for a Variety of Tasks

Trilo vacuums can clear grass, hedge trimmings, leaves, recreational waste and litter, all with the ability to verticut while vacuuming in one operation. Distributed by Specialized Turf Equipment Company (STEC), the Trilo VCU-range removes thatch, allows increased aeration, promotes lateral growth and allows for better water penetration.

Commercial-Grade Dethatcher

Mibar Products’ electric actuator-controlled dethatcher has 48 spring teeth, is 60 inches wide, is built with a welded steel tube frame and features a powder coat finish. The tine dethatcher unit attaches with Quick-Clamps, eliminating the need for clevis pins, and can be easily removed by disengaging a cable handle.

Kill Weeds in Seconds

The GS5000i from GreenSteam Solutions is for long rows of weeds in cement surrounding landscaped spaces. It is a high-powered, portable steam gun that instantly kills young weeds growing in cracks and crevices. The GS5000i shoots 650 to 930-degree Fahrenheit scalding steam, which kills most new growth in one second. Killed weeds shrivel and disappear, with no further clean up required.

Material Handler With an Edge

Maruyama’s BP410 Rhino compact rubber track carrier is ideal for landscaping, hardscaping and general construction. It can climb grades up to 25 degrees when unloaded and fits through gates, doors and narrow spaces. The Rhino is available with a folding slide frame or manual bucket, is powered by a 4 hp engine and features a maximum payload of 6 pounds and a turn radius of 3.9 feet.