The World’s Largest Floral Carpet


Ole! In December 2016, Mexico beat out Ukraine for the Guinness World Record title of the world’s largest floral carpet. The 3.58-acre floral carpet planted in the shape of a poinsettia at the Jardines de Mexico consists of 130,000 plants. Their cultivation began six months before planting and required a workforce of 150 gardeners, landscape designers, engineers and others.

mexico poinsettia[4]

To win the title, Jardines de Mexico, an ornamental floral center, privately owned garden and popular tourist attraction in Tehiuxtla, Morelos, had to use live plants, closely spaced and rooted in the ground or in planters.

The display, designed by the gardens landscape designer Oscar Jimenez de Leon, features 13 varieties of poinsettia ranging in color from vibrant pink to bold red to a spicy orange and even a crisp white.

mexico floral carpet[5]

While winning the Guinness World Record was the main objective in planting the garden, the other was to highlight the fact that the poinsettia is a native Mexican plant. In fact, the state of Morelos is Mexico’s principal producer of the flower with 34.5 percent of total production.

The previous record holder was a 3.21-acre garden consisting of marigolds and petunias.