Monrovia Trends & Statement-Making Plants For Spring 2023

Four most valuable plants—or MVPS—for a garden. Plus, a video with award-winning plant hunter Dan Hinkley.


MonroviaWhat plants will your customers be looking for this season? Here is a look at the top three trends influencing plant choices identified by Monrovia.

Nostalgia Varieties. Home gardeners are returning to classic flowers. Roses, hydrangea, peony, and other flowering shrubs that may be thought of as old fashioned are now in demand. “This return to nostalgic plants is part of the larger trend we’re seeing called the New Victorian Garden,” says Katie Tamony, chief marketing officer and trend spotter for Monrovia. “Think big, beautiful blooms, softer colors, and a return to romance in the garden. Modern breeding is making these traditional plants even better for home gardeners, making them easier to grow and providing more blooms than shrubs of the past. Helping your customers connect the old with the new can play to their affection for the past.”

Wilding. Interest in more natural garden spaces is also on the rise. “This trend appeals to customers who want landscapes that don’t look landscaped,” says Tamony. “Homeowners are welcoming pollinators into their gardens with plants that offer pollen, nectar, and structure. They’re mixing edibles with shrubs and perennials, creating their own Eden. Wilding builds on the Garden of Abundance trend, with a newfound freedom in garden design, and an increased interest in soil heath and doing good for the environment.” Gardeners interested in this trend are often drawn to natives. “It’s a wonderful educational opportunity,” adds Tamony. “Home gardeners are drawn to the term native, but that term can mean different things to each person. Many times, they are looking for climate appropriate plants, pollinator attractors, or drought tolerant varieties.”

Private Retreats. Focusing on personal health is now a status symbol. Many homeowners are looking to create a relaxing, private oasis where we can shut out the chaos of everyday life. They are also recognizing the well-being benefits of nature, and the calming effects time in the garden can bring. “Our followers are very interested in upscale relaxation spaces,” says Tamony. “Plants are the perfect design accessory for these private retreats. They help define the space and allow us to connect to nature. We’re seeing larger houseplants being brought outdoors for instant impact, use of grasses to create movement and consumers splurging on a ‘must-have’ plant.

Statement Plants

In terms of a “must-have” plant, join the Monrovia team and special guest Dan Hinkley as they discuss choosing the most valuable plants—the MVPS—for a garden. The video below highlights varieties discovered by Hinkley, an award-winning plant hunter with an exclusive collection grown by Monrovia. His stories of discovery offer insights into the importance of incorporating unique and beautiful plant species into gardens. You’ll learn how these plants are brought to market, tips for choosing a statement plant, and design techniques worthy of an MVP. Here are just a few of the favorites for 2023 to look for:

Heavenly Ascent® Holboellia Vine

Heavenly Ascent® Holboellia Vine.  Exotic, highly scented, large, waxy, white flowers with a deep purple tint towards the base emerge in Spring along this vigorous evergreen climber. The fragrant blooms evoke the sweet scent of fresh melons, producing somewhat elongated, edible, purplish fruits, when pollinated. (Zones 8-10)

Tectonic™ Caldera Begonia



Tectonic™ Begonia Collection. Six different begonias make up this collection. The Tectonic™ Caldera Begonia is one of the most unique. Massive, glossy, heart-shaped leaves emerge red and swirl open to bright green. An enormous variety in its native range in northeastern India, with leaves up to two feet wide! Will make an impressive specimen where hearty if given plenty of space. Remains smaller in containers. (Zones 8-11)

Red-Leafed Mukdenia


Red-Leafed Mukdenia. Fanned, maple-like leaves emerge bright green in Spring, age to bronze-green, and by Summer mature to green with bright red streaks. In early Spring, has white bell-shaped flowers above the foliage. Excellent as a groundcover for woodland gardens, a border accent, or tucked into containers. An herbaceous perennial. (Zones 4-9)

Jurassic™ Pterodactyl Eared Lady Fern

Jurassic™ Fern Collection  A collection of seven fabulous ferns, each distinct. The Jurassic™ Pterodactyl Eared Lady Fern adds airy, feathery texture to a shady spot with the arching fronds of this clump-forming fern. Pale green fronds unfurl from red stems, creating a two-toned look with the older, dark-green foliage. Excellent in a woodland garden combined with bold-leaved plants such as hostas and brightly colored heucheras. An herbaceous perennial. (Zones 6-9)

All Photos Credit: Monrovia; by Doreen Wynja