Mosquitoes Dominate Homeowners’ Yard Worries, With Ticks Close Behind

71% of American homeowners have avoided going to or left an event early because of bugs or insects.


Have you added control of mosquitoes to your landscape services? If not, you could be missing out on an easy upsell to existing clients. As the weather warms up around the nation and families gear up for outdoor celebrations, did you know that a staggering 71% of American homeowners say they have avoided going to or left an event early because of bugs or insects? This information comes from a just-released national survey* conducted by NaturaLawn of America, an organic-based lawn care franchise and provider of natural mosquito, tick, and flea control programs.

Unsurprisingly, 74% of survey respondents are concerned about mosquitoes in their yard this season, with 32% of respondents stating they are also concerned about their family contracting West Nile virus from mosquitoes in their yard.
Yet 85% of homeowners still plan to host family or friends in their backyard this year for at least one occasion. With these outdoor celebrations on the horizon, 88% of homeowners surveyed stated they have purchased a product to help alleviate the presence of bugs and insects when hosting friends, most notably citronella candles, personal sprays or battery-operated devices. However, only 15% of homeowners said these products have been effective in alleviating the presence of bugs and insects in their yards.

Ticks are yet another issue, with 59% of homeowners surveyed expressing concern about having them in their yard. This worry intensifies among pet owners, with 64% showing concern of ticks in their yard, and 50% of pet owners concerned about their pets bringing ticks from the yard to inside the house. With the growing threat of Lyme disease, 47% of respondents who own pets expressed concerns with their pets contracting the disease from ticks in their yard, and 37% are concerned about their family getting Lyme disease from ticks in their yard. 

“This survey reflects the genuine concerns homeowners feel regarding pests and other threats in their yards, and their potential impact on their children, pets, and their lives,” said Phil Catron, President and Founder of NaturaLawn of America. “As we get deeper into the Summer season, it’s about creating a safe, welcoming outdoor space and yard for families, furry friends, and guests to enjoy without worry. While homeowners search for the best way to maintain their lawn and mitigate potential pests of concern, it’s crucial to prioritize safe and effective methods.”
In the June issue, Turf examines adding mosquito control services to your business. An interesting item to note: Since the service allow your clients to enjoy their yard more, it can make other landscape upgrades seem more appealing. To read the article in the June edition, make sure to subscribe.
*Results are based on a national survey of 1,163 U.S. homeowners ages 18+. The survey was fielded March 8-9, 2024 using SurveyMonkey Audience. The margin of error is +/- 2.9%.

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