New Greenworks Facility In Morristown, TN

Will manufacture the OptimusZ™ and add the OptimusAI™ by late 2023.


Greenworks Commercial, a provider of lithium-ion battery-operated, zero-emission outdoor power equipment, has opened a new 180,000-square-foot Commercial Center of Excellence for Manufacturing and Engineering in Morristown, TN, its first in North America.

The facility’s initial $25 million investment will focus on the manufacture of commercial and residential lithium-ion battery ride-on mowers. It will bring more than 150 sustainable, high-tech careers to East Tennessee by the end of 2023 with up to 400 more career opportunities by 2025. This initial phase provides an annual production capacity of 30,000 ride-on mowers, gradually increasing to 80,000 by 2025.

The Greenworks Commercial Center of Excellence is part of a 7,000+ global workforce, with 10 global manufacturing sites, four global R&D centers with more than 750 engineers, 130 finished goods production lines, and a 1.5-million-unit manufacturing output per month. Greenworks currently produces more than 20,000 batteries, 30,000 motors, and 100,000 PCBAs per day.

An OptimusZ on the manufacturing floor.

The Greenworks Commercial Center of Excellence is home to the commercial zero-turn mower: OptimusZ™. It mows more than 21 acres on a single charge. With up to eight hours of run time, the OptimusZ™ has a top cut speed of 16 MPH while maintaining a 19K constant blade tip speed cutting through any grass conditions. With zero fuel cost and a 2,000-hour guaranteed maintenance-free design, it can save landscapers more than $13,200 over the first three years. A complete range of more than eight OptimusZ™ models was launched during the 2022 Equip Expo.

By late 2023, Greenworks Commercial is set to begin manufacturing its fully autonomous, self-driving commercial ride-on mower, OptimusAI™, in Morristown. This ride-on mower, based on the OptimusZ™ platform design, features sophisticated GPS-RTK navigation and vision-based live-object avoidance technology, allowing both self-driving and manned-driving modes. In its self-driving mode, the system operates with an accuracy of one inch.

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