New Products


New Formulations of LockUp

New formulations of LockUp specialty herbicide from Dow AgroSciences is available in the North. ProScape with LockUp (penoxsulam + dicamba + 2,4-D) is available from Lebanon Seaboard, and LockUp Extra (penoxsulam + dicamba) and LockUp Extra 2 (penoxsulam + dicamba + 2,4-D) is available from John Deere Landscapes.

LockUp offers superior control of dandelions in labeled turfgrass species and also provides postemergence control for a variety of other broadleaf weeds, including white clover, chickweed, lespedeza and ground ivy—more than 25 weeds overall. It is available for use on cool and warm-season turf, and provides activity at extremely low use rates (0.02 to 0.06 pound of active ingredient per acre).