New Self-Leveling Loader Option For Deere Small Tractors



John Deere announced the launch of its Mechanical Self-Leveling Loader (MSL) option for small tractors. Designed to keep loads level throughout the lift, the new loaders are compatible with John Deere 1E, 1R, 2R and 3E compact utility tractors.

Most compact tractors utilize a loader, so John Deere recognized the need for MSL technology in its small tractor lineup. The company’s MSL system allows the operator to maintain a level bucket or pallet position from the bottom of a lift to the top. This provides increased stability for the materials being lifted and reduces the potential for materials to fall back towards the tractor.

The new system is easy-to-use when compared to non self-leveling loaders. With an MSL, the loader joystick is pushed forward to lower and back to lift. The load automatically stays level throughout the range of motion, without any left-to-right adjustments with the loader joystick.

In addition, MSL loaders provide an increase in lift capacity of up to 40% when compared with our non self-leveling loaders, so operators can move more with every load.

“Our new MSL makes it easier for our customers to move materials by automatically keeping the bucket or pallet forks level,” said Ray Gherardini, product marketing manager, John Deere. “With the new Mechanical Self-Leveling loaders, customers can confidently operate the loader through a full range of motion while keeping the load level, and save time by moving more with every load.”

Additionally, the John Deere MSL loaders for 120R, 220R, and 300E will be available with a third function kit which enables the use of additional attachments such as the popular 4-in-1 bucket. The QuikPark™ loader mounting system (available on the 1E, 1R and 2R) and Quik-Change™ attachment carrier provide operators the ability to quickly install and remove implements as needed to complete the task at hand. To learn more, visit