Nufarm Launches Next-Generation Of SureGuard® EZ Herbicide

SureGuard EZ provides easier mixing and handling with lasting residual weed control.


Nufarm has launched the next-generation formulation of SureGuard, SureGuard® EZ Herbicide. The formula offers easier mixing and handling with the same long-lasting residual control of grass and broadleaf weeds.

SureGuard EZ offers lawn care and landscape professionals pre-emerge and post-emerge takedown of weeds up to 2″ in height. With long-lasting residual control, SureGuard EZ is ideal on bare ground, cracks and crevices, hardscape areas, landscape beds, and around established woody landscape ornamentals.

Nufarm SureGuardSureGuard EZ’s improved mixing and handling provides no staining, odor, or volatility concerns. It also delivers reduced foaming and surface adherence. SureGuard EZ pairs well with non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate and glufosinate (Cheetah® Pro) products.

“SureGuard EZ’s easier mixing and handling formulation combined with its compatibility with glyphosate and glufosinate products provides applicators even greater flexibility and options incorporating it into their spray program,” said Nufarm’s Lawn and Landscape segment lead Jamie Heydinger. “These enhancements contribute to improved outcomes and results for landscape professionals.”

In addition to residential and commercial turf, SureGuard EZ can be used on golf course turf and around landscape ornamentals. SureGuard EZ is also registered for use on aquatic uses.

SureGuard EZ is part of Nufarm’s premium herbicide portfolio, designed to address difficult-to-control weeds on the first application, providing applicators tools to save on labor and costs by reducing callbacks.

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