Oregon’s Rose Family Back in Seed Business


HUBBARD, Ore.-Bill Rose and his daughter Crystal Rose-Fricker have returned to the professional turfgrass seed industry. The Rose family formed a new turf seed production and marketing company called Pure Seed. Crystal serves as the president of the new corporation and Bill as the vice president. Ed Rose and Cara Rose Tuggle also serve on the board of directors, reports Superintendent magazine.

Pure Seed has been planting future production, with a range of varieties coming to harvest in 2012. Its portfolio consists of 30 turfgrasses, including some new varieties that Pure Seed will introduce to the market.

“The varieties that we are producing are being done intentionally,” says Crystal. “We’re not just growing seed for the sake of growing seed. We selected varieties that have specific traits and good seed production potential to be able to meet the needs of our customers. And we are being very careful about the quantities we are planting to balance production with the demand we are getting from our distributors.” Pure Seed is marketing its turf, forage and reclamation varieties worldwide.

The industry’s reception to the Rose family return has been positive. “Distributors and growers are giving us a warm reception, saying they are pleased to work with us again,” says Crystal. "We are just as excited to work with each of them.”