Pavers, Rocks & Blocks



Rosetta Hardscapes

The Old Mission Collection offers a timeworn, natural stone look and is suitable for vehicular applications. It can be installed as permeable or non-permeable based on the jointing material used. The pavers provide a uniform 2.75-inch thickness and come in 6-by-9, 9-by-9 and 9-by-12-inch sizes. Available colors: Auburn Ridge, Fond du Lac, Slate Grey and Bluestone.



The ProSeries product line is for paver professionals to ensure the timeless beauty of outdoor living spaces The complete paver-care system includes RG+ and HP2 Polymeric Sand; Natural Look, Clear Look, Color Boost and Wet Look water-based concrete paver protectors; Permeable Joint Stabilizer; Brick & Concrete Waterproofing Sealer; and NuLook Tinted Paver Protectors.


Coverall Stone

Basalt Paving with a thermal finish has a slightly textured surface that provides a nonslip surface that’s ideal for patios and around pools and spas. The 0.75-inch-thick pavers come in 12-by-12-inch, 12-by-24-inch, 24-by-24-inch and 24-by-36-inch sizes. Formed by the cooling of basaltic lava, basalt pavers are durable and low maintenance.


Champlain Stone Ltd.

Perfect for high-traffic areas like pool sides, patios, walkways and more, Corinthian Granite Pattern Pavers feature a distinctive color blend based in Hudson River blue and an elegant sandblasted top finish. Each pallet contains a selection of eight different sizes ranging in multiples from 12-by-6 inches to 24-by-24 inches.



Shear strength and freeze/thaw durability make the Suprema retaining wall system an ideal choice for ICI and residential applications. The engineered wall allows for fast production and is compliant with the ICC Evaluation Service LLC (ICC-ES). Offered in two textures, chiseled and split face finish, and four colors.


Borgert Products

Vavel pavers come in a larger scale in rich earthy tones, and the tumbling process softens the edges, giving the pavers a weathered appearance. The pavers are available in three sizes: 7-by-7-inch square, 7-by-14-inch rectangle and 14-by-14-inch square, allowing for many pattern options. Colors include: Minnesota River, Iron Range, North Shore and Mesa.


Dreamscape Outdoor Living & Garden

Decorative “Stone” edging gives the appearance of a natural stone barrier. The edging pieces interlock using a ball and joint fastener. The articulating design allows the edging to trace the outlines of beds while following the contours of the ground. Constructed in Michigan of high density polypropylene with a UV stabilizer. Comes with all necessary spikes.


Risi Stone Retaining Wall Systems

The Rivercrest Wall System is designed to look like natural stacked flagstone, and the design ensures it can be quickly and easily installed to create retaining walls, planters, two-sided seat walls, tree rings, fire pits, outdoor kitchen structures, water features and pillars. The unique shape and array of unit sizes and textures allows you to create virtually any shape or pattern.


Porous Pave Inc.

Porous Pave is a pour-in-place surfacing material using stone, recycled rubber and a binder material. LEED qualified, Porous Pave is slip-resistant, won’t freeze or crack, is highly permeable and available in several colors. Trails, sidewalks, parking lots, play areas, pool surrounds and tree surrounds are just a few of the many uses. Well-suited for use in areas with drainage issues.


Williams Stone Co.

Granite pavers for walkways, patios, driveways and slope retention. Available in 4-by-4-inch durax, 4-by-4-by-8-inch landscape, 4-by-5-by-9-inch regulation, 4-by-8-by-11-inch jumbo and 6-by-12-by-17-inch heavy-duty sizes. Custom sizes also available as special order. Available as both split cobbles and thermal top dimensional pavers.


Anchor Wall Systems

The Torpedo base block, a strong, lightweight block, is a great foundation for use with rear-lipped Anchor retaining wall products and for Anchor freestanding wall systems: locator marks make it a breeze to install curved or straight walls; hollows on the block’s underside help seat it into base aggregates for better leveling; and integral hand-holds ease placement.


Cambridge Pavingstones

In response to the trend for considerably larger shapes that began in Europe, Cambridge Ledgestone XL, a three-piece design kit with ArmorTec, also offers the convenience of modular configurations in the creation of interesting and more dramatic patterns. The three paver sizes are: 7-by-15, 15-by-15 and 15-by-23 inches. All are 2 3/8 inches thick.


Versa-Lok Retaining Walls Systems

VERSA-LOK’s original solid, pinned systems allow unlimited design flexibility without the need for custom pieces. Choose from a variety of colors and styles including standard texture for a crisp, clean look, or weathered fora random, natural stone look. The wall units can be modified on-site and will conform to all kinds of curves and corners.



Xeripave Super Pervious (SP) Pavers and Xeribrix are natural,segmented pervious pavers and bricks that are sustainable in the prevention of stormwater runoff. SP Pavers and Xeribrix allow stormwater to flow rapidly through the surface to the underlying soils below. They provide an infiltration rate of around 1 gallon per second per square foot.


Pine Hall Brick

Manufactures face brick, special shapes and clay pavers. A $10 million project, part of the Re:New DeKalb (Illinois) downtown revitalization, used StormPave permeable pavers across a multi-use parking lot that provides downtown parking during the week, and in spring and summer is the site for a farmers market, concerts and other events.



Providing cutting-edge design, performance and aesthetics, Keystone products offer site solutions for governmental, commercial/industrial, recreational, public works and residential applications. Keystone is a subsidiary of Contech Engineered Solutions LLC, a provider of complete solutions for earth stabilization projects.