Peer Group Participation Leads To Lasting Friendships


Ryan and Benton Foret, brothers who own and operate The Foret Group in Thibodaux, Louisiana, participate in a peer group facilitated by consultant Marty Grunder. Benton, company founder and the older of the two brothers by four years, runs his company’s contracting division while Ryan runs its green division.

“One of the things we appreciate the most about our group is the friendships that we have formed,” says Ryan. “We have gotten to be very close to some of the longer-term members along with their wives and their kids. We’ve really developed some life-long friendships.”

Being invited to visit different members’ facilities over the years, while offering great educational benefits, has also strengthened these friendships, Ryan continues.

“Fellow members give us the keys to their businesses and let us go in and look for things that can help us do things better, safer and more efficiently,” he says.

In March 2018, the Forets will be opening their facility, located about 50 miles southwest of New Orleans, to other group members — the second time they have done so. “We’re excited about showing them the changes we have made over the years and how are business has grown,” Ryan adds.

Adds consultant and peer group facilitator Jeffrey Scott: “As a business owner, it can get very lonely at the top.”