These snow and ice professionals all stressed that doing a little something extra for their crews went a really long way in making them feel appreciated even when the going gets tough. Here are some of the ways they go above and beyond for their people.

“We hand out care packages to the walkway staff, who have to spend the most time outside. These bags include water, several packs of trail mix, and hand and feet warmers. We also always have people bringing in pots of chili and crockpots of warm meals. Before the crews leave the dispatch center for a shift or when they return, we encourage them to get a hot meal.”

ANDREW MORSE, snow department head for Belknap Landscape Co. Inc., Gilford, New Hampshire

“We have ski passes that the employees can sign out and go skiing on the company during some downtime. That helps them relax and calms their nerves before the next big storm so that they’re not wound up so tight.”

JOHN PAIGE, general manager/managing partner, Boreal Property Management in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

“We stock up on a lot of water, Gatorade, candy bars and other snacks and drive them out to the sites along with coffee and hot chocolate. We’ll get all the guys together and take a five- or 10-minute break just to let them warm up and relax a bit. Just that little effort seems to reinvigorate them and keep them going.”

JASON HOLLWAY, snow manager, Mountain View Landscapes and Lawncare, Inc., in Chicopee, Massachusetts