Drive by Download DCE from Cirus Controls is wireless data logging that is compatible with multiple vehicle types. The Wi-Fi data transfer system that collects, downloads and compiles application data involves a truck-mounted antenna that connects wirelessly with the base station. Data is automatically updated to the system within a 250-foot radius. It can track application rates, operating hours, miles traveled and temperature.


US Fleet Tracking manufactures multiple types of GPS trackers and offers users the ability to access the vehicle tracking information. The AT-V3 GPS Tracker can be plugged into the vehicle with a service plan. The tracker has water-resistant housing and is tamper resistant with a built-in backup battery.


The Surface Temperature Alert System from DiCAN is permanently mounted to continuously monitor the surface temperature. An email alert is sent when the surface has reached a specific freezing temperature. Authorized users can log on from any web browser for current temperature as well as historical reports.


REVEAL is Fleetmatics GPS fleet management and tracking software. Route display and GPS monitoring can help with real-time alerts and route optimization. Dashboards and reports help track driver habits and vehicle maintenance schedules and alerts. The mobile management app offers access to information about the fleet from anywhere.


This business management software is for service-based business where the services are unable to be scheduled in advance, such as snow events. CrewTracker Software was founded by a certified snow professional with event-based services in mind. The program allows invoicing of a job within minutes of completion to reduce paperwork. Users can manage contracts, data, reports and employee routes from mobile apps or the website.


Certified Snowfall Totals from WeatherWorks verifies snowfall totals for snow and ice professionals who have contracts with property owners and managers who want third-party verification. Post-storm reports are analyzed, prepared and certified by a meteorologist with ZIP code resolution data to the nearest tenth of an inch.


The Field Service Management and GPS Tracking from IndusTrack Solutions offers specific resources for snow and ice professionals. Use as a snow plow standalone app solution and report and an in-vehicle tracking solution. In the app, users can track time spent plowing, salting and shoveling, the amount of material used and take and upload before and after photos of a site.


Using a GPS tracking system from GPS Fleet Consulting brings real-time viewing of the company’s entire fleet. GPS Fleet Consulting says it continues to work with goal setting and benchmarking after the service is implemented. Using statistics such as idle time, location history, vehicle speeds and timesheet verification, the fleet manager can set expectations and goals to decrease waste.


The Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions from GPS Insight allows a fleet manager to track a team from any computer or phone. GPS Insight offers solutions for fleet sizes ranging from 1-25, 26-100, 101-500 and 501+. Using one interface, the user can access reports and find detailed current and past information for any vehicle within the fleet.

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