The U.S. outdoor furniture and grill industry (including patio heaters and accessories such as umbrellas, covers, cushions and grilling utensils) is expected to grow 4 percent per year through 2017, rebounding from the declines of the recession-impacted 2007-2012 period, according to a Freedonia Group report.

What’s driving the growth? The continued interest in decorating outdoor spaces reminiscent of indoor rooms. This trend leads consumers to buy higher value pieces that coordinate with their interior designs as they expand living spaces outdoors.

Sales are also growing because consumers want to extend the outdoor season using products such as fire pits and patio heaters. In fact, this segment that allows consumers to use their landscapes in cooler weather will see the fastest growth through 2017, the report says. This product segment has a spillover impact on outdoor furniture and accessory demand since consumers spend more on outdoor furnishings when they can be used for a greater portion of the year.

In addition, there is growing interest in owning more than one grill; some homeowners enjoy multiple preparation techniques, such as smoking and frying, while others purchase portable grills for tailgating and camping.