When you’re faced with soil compaction, a soil aerator is your tool of choice to loosen up a troublesome lawn, and the manufacturerslisted here have what it takes to save your soil. Simply circle the appropriate number on the reader service card, toss the card in your mailbox and, in a few weeks, you’ll have everything you need to make an informed decision on buying a new aerator.

Billy Goat

The AE401H uses a water weight positioned directly over the tines for better aeration depth. It also features Fold N Go handles and chains that adjust easily.


Earth & Turf Products

The Linear Aerator assures maximum turf modification by cutting grooves 3 inches deep. Soil and topdressing are mixed and brushed in by reciprocating fingers.


First Products

The Walk-Behind/Ride-On AERA- vator comes in 30 and 40-inch widths with a 21 hp Vanguard engine, 3-foot turning radius, transport wheels and optional seeder.



The PTO-driven AERA-vator comes in 40 and 60-inch models, with oscillating, forged steel tines that fracture hard, dry soils without slicing or cutting.



The AR19 hollow-tine aerator is self-propelled and features free-wheeling outer tines for better maneuverability. The 5 hp unit has a 19-inch aerating width.



The Hooker aerator offers tine rotors that utilize the forward force of the mower to make holes up to 3 inches deep. Aerate 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph.


L.T. Rich Products

The Z-Plug is a stand-on, zero-turn aerator with the capability of adding attachments, such as a spreader, sprayer system, slice seeder, snow blade and more.


SourceOne Outdoor Power Eq.

The Plugr Tow Pro is a 45-inch, self-contained, reciprocating aerator that attaches to mowers and UTVs. It has an electric-start, 12 hp engine and offset capability.


STEC Equip.

The Sandfiller was developed for simultaneous verticutting and sand filling in one pass. It features three rollers and adjustable depth from 0 to 1.5 inches.



The TurnAer XT5 features fingertip controls for easy forward and reverse operation, and optimized weight bar placement for maximum tine penetration.



The ZRATOR is a steerable, front-mount core plug aerator designed to allow aeration in all directions without raising the tines. No additional weights needed.



Aeration equipment is available with five different tine options and two frame styles (pull-type and three-point hitch), in widths from 45 inches to 15 feet.



Split-drive aerators feature a 4 hp Honda engine, 24 or 36 tines with a coring depth up to 2.75 inches, user-friendly dual controls and all-tine propulsion.



Core and knife aerators in tow and three-point hitch models. The 4-foot model has a built-in weight tray. The 6 and 8-foot models have dual discs on independent arms.


Heying Co.

The MG72 Multi Groomer breaks up aeration cores, dethatches, grooms turf and levels topdressings. No tools are needed for adjustments and electric lift is standard.


Land Pride

CA15 Series core aerators come in 48, 56, 64 and 72-inch widths, with replaceable .5-inch, 16-gauge hardened steel spoons that penetrate up to 3 inches.


Lawn Solutions Commercial Products

Models include the 21-inch hydrostatic turf aerifier, the 24-inch dual hydro aerifier and a riding aerifier. All three have the ability to aerate while turning.



The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator can be used with an aerator attachment that has straight tines to cut rows of beneficial aerating slits to open the soil.



The Ryan LA-28 self-propelled model provides vertical coring action, a speed of up to 24,000 square feet per hour in a single pass and zero-turn capability.



Steiner 430 Max tractor attachments include a core aerator with a 40.25-inch working width, 3.5-inch aerating depth and independent .75-inch core tine assemblies.