Soil amendments help improve the soil’s physical condition, creating an ideal environment for whatever plants make up your clients’ landscapes.

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Ecologel Solutions, LLC

Hydretain is available in both liquid and granular forms, and is designed to minimize the evaporative loss of moisture from the soil, reducing plant watering requirements by up to 50 percent or more.

Grigg Brothers

Zeolite-based soil amendments ZeoPro and Z-Mendit help accelerate turfgrass establishment, limit nutrient leaching, lower fertilizer requirements, improve turf vigor and increase root development.


Gro-Power Plus w/M (mycorrhizae) supplies essential plant nutrients, as well as Humus, Humic Acids, soil microbes and Endo and Ecto mycorrhizae fungus spores.

Jonathan Green

Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil contains humic and fulvic acids, calcium, sulfur, iron and molasses. For use on cool- and warm-season grasses, the homogenous formula applies easily with any spreader.

Soil Technologies Corp.

The TurfTech Bio-Min program adds over 60 minerals from volcanic deposits; makes hard soils softer by increasing soil aggregation; inhibits common turf pathogens and more.

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