Rachio Marks 200 Billion Gallons Of Water Saved Through Smart Irrigation

The company is working toward a goal of saving three trillion gallons by 2030.


Rachio, a leading smart yard brand, marked Earth Day 2024 last week with over 200 billion gallons of water saved through its smart-watering technologies. The company is working toward a goal of saving three trillion gallons by 2030.

“This milestone of saving over 200 billion gallons of water reflects the effectiveness of our technology and our users’ dedication to sustainability,” said Kim Sentovich, Rachio CEO. “This Earth Month, we are asking our community to consider small changes that collectively make a significant impact on the planet for generations to come.”

Smart Hose Timer

Rachio is most widely known for its water-saving smart watering devices, including the award-winning Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller and Smart Hose Timer. These controllers allow users to manage yard watering directly through the free Rachio App, leveraging technology to optimize water usage. For instance, Rachio harnesses hyper-local Weather Intelligence to automatically skip watering when it rains, and adjusts schedules based on the season. It also integrates with smart home assistants like Alexa and Google Home.

Rachio continues to grow their software offerings. Users can now connect a Davis AirLink Air Quality Monitor to their account for exclusive features like air quality notifications, forecasts and more. This joins the Tempest Weather Station integration in the Rachio App, as well as other software upgrades like Valve Monitoring.

In addition, Rachio Market offers a diverse range of partnered products, from the latest tech gadgets to gardening tools, that promote healthy and enjoyable outdoor experiences. Rachio Market has partnered with MySoil to offer the MySoil Test Kit, which analyzes soil samples to inform users on soil nutrient levels and how to optimize fertilization for thriving plant health.

“We are excited to expand our reach into new areas of the outdoor experience – whether it’s smart yard, gardening, air quality monitoring, and more,” added Sentovich. “Our ultimate goal is to promote the well-being of outdoor spaces and those who appreciate them, allowing us to fully Connect Outside. We are continuing to offer new and existing tech for good.” For more information, visit here.

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