RC Mowers Announces Split Plan Feature & Bilingual Interface

The new features are an addition to the Autonomous Mowing Robot (AMR)™.

RC Mowers’ Autonomous Mowing Robot™ now includes a new split plan feature and a bilingual operator interface.

RC Mowers, a manufacturer of robotic mowers, has announced new features to its Autonomous Mowing Robot (AMR)™ including a new split plan feature and a bilingual operator interface that allows landscapers to complete jobs more efficiently and add autonomy to their fleets.

The new split plan feature allows operators to set a single mow plan for an area and then deploy multiple autonomous mowers to determine the most efficient way to mow the area. Splitting a plan saves landscapers time by allowing the AMR app to divide a new or previously saved plan between multiple mowers. This results in a uniform presentation with mowers completing the task in concert. Operators can also provide their customers with unanimity by replicating the stripe angle and overlap between mowers.

“This is the future of commercial landscaping,” comments RC Mowers Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tim Kubista. “These machines can take care of the routine mowing that consume valuable yet scarce labor, allowing landscapers to reallocate workers to the detailed work that impresses the customer and results in repeat business and more clients.”

The other major feature change is the addition of a new English- and Spanish-language operator interface for both the app and the machine display. The bilingual interface allows operators to toggle between the language of their choice, thereby overcoming language as a barrier to success.

“This is a key part of our success system, which is built on unprecedented support, tools and policies that fortify our commitment to our customers,” Kubista said. “Many of our customers have workforces that are primarily Spanish-speaking, and adding this interface makes it easier and more efficient to implement the autonomous mowers within their fleet.”

The RC Mowers AMR first hit the market last year and has been successful with users because of its ability to help them overcome labor shortages. “Our proprietary app and our Simple Mow™ technology put a single operator to work, creating the same revenue as a crew of three,” says Kubista. “The AMR provides commercial landscapers with the opportunity to increase profit from mowing services, which traditionally is the number one source of landscaping companies’ revenue but also generally the least profitable.”

For more information about the RC Mowers AMR, visit here. For more information about the company and its other robotic mowers, visit www.rcmowersusa.com.

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