RISE Comments on White House Pollinator Strategy


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment supports the goals of improving pollinator health and habitat contained in today’s White House Pollinator Task Force’s release of its National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honeybees and Other Pollinators.

“The pollinator issue is very complex and the White House strategy presents what can be a very effective multi-agency, stakeholder and state-involved process to improve the health of pollinators in a science-based and measurable way,” said Aaron Hobbs, RISE president.

“Our industry takes its role as environmental stewards very seriously. We are gratified to have a clear role in the strategy, creating pollinator-friendly habitats and forage areas through integrated vegetation management in utility rights-of-way and on managed lands.

“We are reviewing the strategy to learn how and where our members’ products will be engaged and impacted, and how U.S. EPA will be assessing insecticides and other pesticides used in essential public health and safety applications in our communities. We are especially focused on the balance between effective pest control and pollinator health,” added Hobbs.