Robin Autopilot, Lawn Buddy Team Up


A new partnership between Robin Autopilot and Lawn Buddy will help landscapers deploy their robotic mowers faster and more efficiently.robotic mowers

Robotic mowing technology and robots-as-a-service (RaaS) provider Robin Autopilot will integrate its RaaS with Lawn Buddy’s  lawn and landscaping business management software. The Robin Autopilot fleet management system for robotic mowers will now be fully integrated with Lawn Buddy’s app, allowing users to track robo mowers on the job, monitor robo ware, and connect business owners to their Lawn Shop, where users can access wholesale pricing on parts needed for repair.

The combination of Lawn Buddy’s web and mobile-based software with Robin Autopilot’s multi-manufacturer platform — which includes RaaS hardware and software, proprietary products such as robotic doors, and total-solution financing, marketing, training and other support — will enhance the ability of landscape service providers to have everything they need to run a profitable and growing RaaS business.robotic mowers

“This is a milestone for the advancement of robots-as-a-service in the lawn maintenance and landscaping industry,” said Logan Fahey, CEO of Robin Autopilot. “Now, our users will be able to take advantage of the benefits of Lawn Buddy technology to virtually manage their crews in the field, simplify the invoicing process, and improve customer relationship management. We are pleased to offer these additional benefits to our users as we continue to expand and help landscapers throughout the U.S. grow their businesses by providing complete, eco-friendly solutions.”

robotic mowers
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“At Lawn Buddy, our mission is to provide business owners the advanced tools and technology to spend less time managing and more time working to build their businesses,” said Steven Werner, CEO of Lawn Buddy. “We are proud to join with Robin Autopilot in their efforts to bring the benefits of innovative business management software and robotic mowing solutions to a growing number of lawn and landscaping professionals across the U.S.”