Must-Have Safety Gear


Come October, you’ll be diving into fall and winter activities such as late-fall leaf cleanup, holiday lights installation, tree trimming, dormant pruning and more. Make safety during these off-season tasks just as much a priority as you would during the busy season. Keep these items on hand for your crews to ensure they are productive and safe.

High-visibility safety vest

The Carhartt High- Visibility Vest stands out when working along roadways or near dawn or dusk. This vest is flame- resistant and features reflective material and a five-point breakaway system. It comes in four sizes from small/medium to 4XL/5XL.

Protective glasses

Safety eyewear is a must when operating any kind of machinery, such as when pruning or blowing leaves. Simple models protect the eyes, and pricier options also help block rays from the sun.

Heavy-duty gloves

Not all work gloves are made alike. Choose a thick style that will protect hands from sharp points, but also allow maneuverability.

Light sweatshirt

Find a sweatshirt that’s warm, yet breathable, and also repels water. Anything with moisture-wicking should do the trick for a handy layer to throw on during cool mornings or evenings.


Noise-blocking ear protection is key when running loud machinery such as leaf blowers. The DeWalt Interceptor Folding Earmuff features a moisture-wicking CoolMax headband and foam-filled earcups that fit securely over the ears.

Traffic cones

If your crew is working along a busy road, protect them by using traffic cones to direct cars around the area to give your workers a little breathing room.