Scythe Featured On CNBC’s “Clean Start” Segment

Clean Start
Scythe co-founder and CEO Jack Morrison was featured on “Clean Start”.

In the current climate, it’s particularly encouraging when the Green Industry makes mainstream news headlines for its eco-friendliness. Scythe Robotics, developers of a fully autonomous, commercial-grade mower, was featured last week on CNBC’s “Clean Start segment. “Clean Start” focuses on the big money behind the burgeoning climate sector. Specifically corporate, private, and venture capital deployed to start-ups in clean energy, clean tech, clean construction, and clean financing.

Scythe co-founder and CEO Jack Morrison and Austin, TX based Clean Scapes CFO Damien Matherne were interviewed by CNBC’s Diana Olick for the segment that focused on how battery-powered mowers, like the M.52, are driving change in the landscape market reducing carbon and noise emissions, improving crew efficiencies, and relieving the pressure brought on by the labor shortage.

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