Do you have fall cleanup packages established? Do you show up for the final mow and then just say goodbye until spring?

If you want to start offering another service in the fall to build your client base or increase revenue, pick one or two of these services that you would be comfortable providing and that your existing customers would be most receptive to.

1. Bringing in color

Falling for Color


The colorful plants from summer are fading quick so now is the perfect time to help clients revive their landscape with some vibrant annuals or perennials with some fall color. Colorful container gardening options for on the patio can give clients the ability to change up how their outdoor living spaces look.

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2. Planting spring bulbs

bulbs with fall leaves


If clients aren’t as concerned about fall color as they are in the spring and summer, offer your services to instead plant spring bulbs. “One of the reasons we push the bulbs, is that it is a natural transition to talk about our spring services,” says Brad Swortzel, owner of BWS Landscaping.

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3. Aeration or overseeding services

Strengthen Autumn Aeration Sales


Aeration can help compacted soils get better air and water circulation. If performed incorrectly or when it’s not needed, aeration can be damaging to the turfgrass. The tried-and-true method has been to aerate in mid- to late August and then overseed in September. This might not be the best add-on service for you if your business isn’t ready to invest in the equipment, according to some contractors.

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4. Irrigation system winterization

Irrigation on property with flowers and shrubs


It is best to winterize systems before temperatures get below freezing and the ground is frozen several feet down. Winterization is an important service to offer customers in terms of preventing damage to the system. “When customers with a newly installed irrigation system find their pipe fittings, sprinkler heads and valves split or cracked and broken apart from frozen water left in their systems, coupled with rising water bills come spring, they then start paying for winterization services,” says Craig Otto, owner/operator of Irrigation Otto, and a part-time instructor for Raid Bird.

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5. Fertilization & weed control

Photo: KOCH Agronomic Services, LLC

Photo: KOCH Agronomic Services, LLC

Now is the time to strengthen plant and turf roots so they survive winter. This helps set the turfgrass up for success for the following season. Getting weed problems under control in the fall will also benefit the turfgrass in the spring. Different turfgrass types call for different management and winter preparation, so be sure to educate yourself on the type of turfgrass in each of your client’s lawns.

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6. Seasonal decorating

Holiday Lighting in green, red and white

Photo: Paulk Outdoors

Helping decorate for fall by building or refreshing the fire pit, bringing in pumpkins or corn stalks. Holiday lighting can be installed now as well. Holiday lighting has a unique set of requirements. Installers must have an eye for detail, be comfortable working at heights as well as willing and able to work in very cold conditions. According to Kevin Allen, Pro Care general manager, most clients will want to have any holiday lighting installed and operational by Thanksgiving.

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7. The ‘classic’ cleanup



Typically when thinking fall cleanup, services like leaf removal, mulching, raking, etc. come to mind. Leaf removal can keep you and your employees busy but it is a time consuming service that you must be sure to charge for properly. While cleaning up leaves, it is also common to give the flower beds a quick refresher by removing annuals and performing any trimming or edging around the beds. A fresh layer of mulch will enhance the property’s curb appeal and gives an added layer of protection to the plants for the winter.

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8. Power washing

power washer


This service can be thought of as the cherry on top. It will make your client’s property look like you went above and beyond to complete the finishing touches on their fall cleanup. Whether or not this service will be a revenue generator depends on knowing the numbers. Jimy White, owner of Outdoor Oasis in Knoxville, Tennessee, offers power washing as a cleanup service when he’s already on a job site, as opposed to a stand-alone service.

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Some other fall service ideas include: gutter cleaning, driveway sealing, pool closing, trash can cleaning.

What fall add-on services have worked for your company? Let us know in the comments below.