Advanced Blade Technologies

The CX Revolution consists of a main assembly blade that stays on the mower as a permanent fixture and two interchangeable insert blades that are easily changed.


Single-axle flatbed trailers come in a range of sizes and configurations. The 7700 models feature an extruded aluminum floor and full-width aluminum tailgate.


The TDR300 turf soil moisture meter is a portable unit that has two volumetric water content modes, one for standard soils and one for soils with higher clay content.

AnCon Bio-Services

Probiotic fertilizers enrich soil by supporting its chemical, physical and microbial aspects. They improve the fertility of soil and reduce the need for pesticides.

Banjo Corp.

Micro poly ball valves in .25 and 3/8-inch sizes are made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI and rotating handles.

Billy Goat

The Z Force blower quickly attaches to any zero-turn mower via a JRCO mounting bar. Air discharge rotates 360 degrees with a tap of the magnetically mounted foot.


The E26 compact excavator has an operating weight of 5,690 pounds and overall width of 59 inches. Powered by a 27 hp diesel engine that is Interim Tier 4-compliant.

BOSS Snowplow

UTV plows, available for many brands, come in two models, the 6.5-foot Power-V XT and 6-foot Poly Straight Blade. Featuring many Smart Technology systems.

CDS-John Blue

The VisaGage II flow monitor has no electronic parts and is made with chemical-resistant polypropylene adapters and clear PVC body with an additive for UV protection.


The TR-20R turf rake features 104 individual spring tines, five-position blade height adjustment, folding handles and Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine.

Do-It-All Landscaping

The Roller Rake is able to go forward and backward. It attaches to mini and full-size skid steers from 46 to 84 inches.


The SA 2700 blower has a 1.2 hp, 30.5cc engine, air speed of 145 mph and a throttle control ergonomically positioned directly on the discharge tube.


Everblades windshield wipers have a heating element inside the silicone rubber squeegee. They hook up to the 12-volt electrical system and melt ice and snow away.

Flame Engineering

The Mini Dragon torch kit provides a pinpoint flame for chemical-free spot weeding. It is built to be used with 14-ounce to 1-pound propane cylinders.


The 321D-48 mower features a compact size, extra-deep 48-inch cutting deck for optimal airflow and diesel engine that maintains blade tip speed in thick grass.


The HedgeHog mounts to any loader with a skid steer-style mounting bracket and can pull out trees, shrubs, vines and posts from .25 to 8 inches in diameter.


The Watermark Electronic Module is adjustable and works in conjunction with the irrigation controller to prevent unnecessary irrigation when soil is wet.

John Deere

The ZTrak PRO Z925 with electronic fuel injection has a 27 hp engine, integrated Tuff Torq transmission and 54 or 60-inch 7-Iron PRO mowing deck.

JohnDow Industries

The Fuel Chief is a gas caddy with a 25-gallon-capacity steel tank, designed for portable fuel storage and handling. Tested and approved to UL requirements.

Kraft Tool

The Landscape Rake has a 36-inch aluminum head and 2.5-inch teeth with ball tips for longer life. A 7-inch magnesium handle is attached with a sturdy bracket.


The ZP330 mower with 31 hp LPG engine comes in two Pro Commercial deck sizes, 60 and 72 inches. With HST transmission and hands-free hydraulic deck lift.

Land Pride

The 25 Series snowblower comes in an 84-inch width with an adjustable chute deflector, 10-gauge main housing material and 24-inch diameter impeller.


The LawnShark LTL-32’s counter-rotating brushes combined with cyclonic suction provide a 32-inch clearing width, lifting and removing debris from any surface.

Little Wonder

Optimax blowers feature a large discharge chute opening, remote control of split-stream air deflector, height-adjustable handle and all-steel, closed-face fan.

Monster Power Equipment

Leaf and debris truck loaders include tow-behind as well as skid, swing, tailgate and hitch-mounted units, with Subaru and Vanguard engines from 14 to 29 hp.

MTE Turf Equipment Solutions

The Carrier is a short, three-wheeled power unit that is self-propelled and features a 32 hp engine, rear PTO and hydrostatic drive. Can be used with many attachments.


Techline CV is made with recycled material. The 17 mm flexible tubing saves 30 to 70 percent of water compared to overhead sprinklers. With physical root barrier.

PermaGreen Supreme

The 2012 Triumph Spreader Sprayer features a 150-pound hopper, 10-gallon liquid capacity and Honda engine. Maximize production and decrease labor fatigue.

PK Products

Aluminum-framed ZT sprayers feature a 25-gallon capacity, 2 or 5 GPM self-priming pump, universal mount system and 5-inch lid with screen and tether.

Polaris Industries

Polaris HD Winches come in 2,500, 3,500 and 4,500-pound models. They are easy to install and operate and will provide pulling power when and where you need it.

Pro Products

The ProFeeder is easily retrofitted on an existing irrigation system and injects fertilizers, soil amendments and pesticides using the flow of water to power the pump.


The PLSS120HD spreader has a heavy-duty mount to hold over 350 pounds of material, electronic impeller speed control and variable gate control.

Reelcraft Industries

LED cord reels provide excellent illumination in a compact hand-held device and feature a shatter-resistant polycarbonate light tube with eight .5-watt LEDs.

Schulte Industries

The FM-300 is a front-mount hitch frame for three-point snowblowers. It can accommodate different sizes of tractor tires while maintaining the best ground clearance.


Piranha power landscape rakes come with a choice of 2-inch Sabre Tooth or 1.75-inch Carbide Tooth rotor. Replaceable bearing housings and triple-seal bearings.

Slope Care

The Dvorak Spider MINI remote-controlled slope mower can be used in difficult areas such as lawns around mountain resorts, power plants, lake dams and more.


The SL3660 VersaTow Slicer offers variable 36, 48 and 60-inch operating widths, telescoping hitch and slicer wheel assemblies with six hardened knives each.


The RotaDairon BRD50 brush cutter for mini skid steers rides on skid plates. With a flail shaft and hydraulic clutch in the drive motor.


The BGA 85 hand-held blower has a 36-volt lithium ion battery, eliminating fuel costs and engine emissions. It starts instantly with the pull of a trigger.

Stop & Go International

The Tire Plugger for tubeless tires drives the plug into the puncture. The shaft expands under pressure to fill the damaged area. Remaining shaft is pulled with pliers.

Trebro Mfg.

The AutoStack II, powered by a 140 hp Cummins engine, has all-wheel hydrostatic drive, flotation tires and twin 24-inch cutting heads with adjustable down pressure.


The RS7200 Spread-N-Spray is a self-propelled unit that holds up to 150 pounds of material and 17 gallons of liquid. Spreads and sprays up to 11 feet wide.


Magnum UltraMax hose-end nozzles feature multispray patterns: fan, jet stream and fog. Full Throttle and Turbo Shift models, with pistol or two-handed grips.

United Turf Alliance

Optimizer Green Shade is a green pigment spray additive. It enhances turf quality and appearance while blending color variations caused by stress and phytotoxicity.

W.E. Chapps

The Chemical Foot Chapps provide a protective barrier from the ankle down to the sole of the foot. Made with a butyl rubber upper and Cordura nylon sole.

Wheel Spray Corp.

The WS-485 Grounds Wheelie has twin wheel pumps that spray a fan of solution 6 feet wide at a rate of 1,000 square feet per gallon. Heavy-gauge steel frame.

Wright Mfg.

The Sport X mower is equipped with a deck lift system, Aero Core decks in 48, 52 and 61-inch sizes, 9.5 mph cut speed and operator presence switch on foot platform.

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