Many contractors in the green industry spend the winter offering snow & ice removal services to their clients. Of course, you need specialized equipment to take this on, and we’ve got it all right here! Whether you are looking to start adding this to your list of services or you’re looking to add some equipment to your arsenal, you need to start here.

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Avant Tecno

The two-stage snowplow attachment consists of two independent hydraulically adjustable blades, both with the spring release mechanism and adjustable blade angles.

Blizzard Snowplows

The SPEEDWING clears an 8-foot-7-inch swath and 7-foot-10-inch swath when angled. HD Series straight blades come in 7-foot-6-inch, 8-foot, 8-foot-6-inch and 9-foot blade widths. For skid steers.


The 3650 utility vehicle’s front-mounted PTO snowblower features a 12-inch-diameter auger with height adjustment and chute rotation controlled from inside the cab.

Buyers Products

The SaltDogg tailgate salt spreader for salt-sand mixtures features an 8-cubic-foot capacity and 2-inch receiver hitch mounting, plus an open-auger design and 12-volt dual shaft gear motor.


ClearLane enhanced deicer and Diamond Crystal Early Melt eco- friendly ice melters are available in bulk or bags. Designated by the U.S. EPA with the Design for the Environment label.


EDGE snowblower attachments for skid steers range from 48 to 96 inches and throw snow up to 45 feet. The hydraulically-controlled chute and deflector has a 280-degree radius.

Dixie Chopper

Dixie Chopper’s snow blade kit is available for most 44- to 74-inch mowers and turns a Dixie Chopper mower into a year-round machine.


The 2130SS High-Output Push Broadcast features a 100-pound rust- proof poly hopper, and high-output shut-off system. Designed for spreading all types of ice melt and rock salt products.

Fisher Engineering

The XV2 V-plow comes in 7-foot-6-inch, 8-foot-6-inch and 9-foot-6-inch blade widths. Features extreme flared blade design and InstaLock double-acting cylinders to hold wings in place for clean backdragging.


The DriftBuster snowthrower features the QuikConverter implement system, high-speed auger, heavy-duty scraper blades and 180-degree discharge spout that throws snow up to 30 feet away.


Kubota’s RTV1100 with Premium Grand Cab has a 24.8 hp Kubota diesel engine, standard hydraulic bed-lift system and cargo load capacity of more than 1,100 pounds.

Land Pride

The 25 Series snowblower is available in an 84-inch width and features an adjustable chute deflector to throw snow near or far. Also a 24-inch-diameter impeller and 10-gauge main housing material.

Legacy Building Solutions

Salt Storage Buildings feature a durable rigid frame and high-quality polyethylene fabric roofs that allow natural light, while insulation can be added. Wide variety of PVC fabrics also available.


Loftness’ line of snowblowers are available in seven models for skids steers from 72- to 84-inch widths, and 11 rear-mount tractor models with one-, two- or three-auger configurations and 60- to 108-inch widths.

New Holland

Offers a full array of snow implements, including blowers, brooms and blades for New Holland tractors with varying widths to fit any job. Easy attachment system for quick changes.

North American Salt Co.

Thawrox combines the performance of liquid deicing technology with the melting effects of rock salt. Works in temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit and offers good adhesion to the roadway.


The AB07S (7.5-foot moldboard) and AB09S (9-foot moldboard) Sno Blades come with 1-foot multi-positional wings that manually adjust to nine positions. The moldboard angles 30 degrees left or right.


The V-Maxx 8500 bulk spreader features a 2-cubic-yard capacity, V-box-style spreader with a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene and designed to spread any combination of materials.


The Sno-Way 32 Contractor Series straight-blade plow features a 32-inch blade and comes with Snow-Way’s Down Pressure and Ground Hugger blade design. Optional E-Z Switch wings available.


Manufacturer of Ultra high-flow, high-capacity snowblowers for skid steers, tractors and more in 51-, 60- and 84-inch widths. The serrated AR-400 auger chews through hard-packed snow piles with ease.


Attachments for the 440 tractor include a power angle blade in 48-, 40- and 72-inch sizes; V-blade; and snowblower with 21-inch opening and 14-inch, four-blade impeller that rotates at 1,100 RPM.

Turf Teq

The 18-inch-diameter-by-46-inch-wide brush is ideal for snow removal 2 to 4 inches deep. Features hydrostatic transmission with forward/reverse and a 13 hp Honda engine.


Ventrac’s hydraulically powered angle blades and V-blades feature working widths from 48 to 72 inches. Blade angles are controlled from the operator seat in the comfort of a heated cab.

Walker Mfg.

Two-stage snowblowers throw snow up to 40 feet. Available in 42-inch or 50-inch models for Walker Model D and T tractors. Discharge spout adjusts 180 degrees from the operator seat.

Western Products

The Prodigy plow is available for trucks and skid-steer loaders and delivers multi-position winged plow performance that automatically positions its wings for maximum plowing efficiency.