Let’s face it, not all the jobs you take on are small residential lawns. For most of you, the services you offer go way beyond just mowing.

If the areas you mow are measured in acres, or your jobs require material by the bucketload, you will definitely need a compact tractor.

But, how do you select the tractor that you will need?

“You should really take the time to explain the tasks, and talk through them thoroughly with your dealer,” says John Deere’s Richard Kershner. “At that point you should be able to identify the right size and horsepower level that will allow you to get your work done.”

There are many choices in compact tractors, and knowing exactly what you will be using it for will help you in your buying decision.

“There are varying spec levels of small tractors out there and I always encourage customers to sit on the machine and operate it, if possible, to get an idea of how well the controls, seat and visibility fit their needs,” says Kershner, Deere’s worldwide marketing manager for compact utility tractors.

“When choosing a compact tractor, match chassis size, horsepower and transmission type with the major multitasking jobs the tractor will be used for,” adds David Bercik, Massey Ferguson product marketing manager.

“For loader work, consider the hydrostatic transmission, which is very user-friendly, and offers instant forward-reverse travel by pressing a pedal,” he suggests. “For mowing, tilling, cultivating and towing, consider the gear-drive transmission with fixed travel-speed ratios. Weather, air quality and building-height restrictions are the prime considerations when deciding if you want the luxury and comfort of a cab.”

As contractors move closer and closer to becoming full-service companies, manufacturers are responding with attachments and implements that greatly expand the usefulness of their compact tractors. The challenge they face is offering these work-saving implements so that they can be quickly and easily attached to their units.

“Changing implements continues to be the number one challenge for customers who purchase a small tractor, and they typically don’t want to waste time installing and removing mower decks, loaders, backhoes, etc.,” Kershner says. “You will see more and more manufacturers focus on attachability.”

Another area where the compact tractor segment has had significant growth is in the smaller chassis compact tractors, according to Massey Ferguson. These include smaller chassis with larger displacement engines and impression attachment capabilities that are easier to install and remove. Greater maneuverability means tasks get done in less time.

This month’s product focus features companies who are ready and willing to equip you with the right tools for your job, so take a look to see what they have to offer. We’ve also included attachments that make an already flexible tool even more so.

Also, you can find additional information about the companies highlighted in red by visiting their advertisements in this issue.


Branson Tractors


  • Engine: 35 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: 31.5 hp at 2,600 RPM
  • Feature: Six-spline PTO shaft




  • Engine: 23 hp
  • Trans.: Two-speed hydraulic
  • PTO: Electric
  • Feature: Hydraulic lift with float control


John Deere

210K EP

  • Engine: 70 hp PowerTech
  • Trans.: Four-speed PowerShift
  • PTO: 55 hp
  • Feature: Electric clutch cutoff on loader




  • Engine: 59 hp Daedong
  • Trans.: Manual, synchronized shuttle
  • PTO: 49.1 hp, 540 RPM
  • Feature: Electric over hydraulic 4WD




  • Engine: 135 hp
  • Trans.: 24F/24R Intelli-Shift
  • PTO: 118 hp
  • Feature: Large cab with rounded windshield


Massey Ferguson


  • Engine: 35.7 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: 25.8 hp
  • Feature: Spacious operator workstation


McCormick USA


  • Engine: 28 hp
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: 21 hp
  • Feature: Variety of attachments available


New Holland

Boomer 20 & 25

  • Engine: 23 and 27 hp
  • Trans.: Two-range hydrostatic
  • PTO: Rear 540 RPM, mid 2,000 RPM
  • Feature: Cruise control, four-wheel drive




  • Engine: 25 hp Kubota
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: Warner electric clutch
  • Feature: Traction-Max weight transfer system


Trackless Vehicles Ltd.

Series 6 MT

  • Engine: 115 hp Cummins
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: Front 540 RPM, optional rear
  • Feature: State-of-the-art electronics




  • Engine: 31 hp B&S
  • Trans.: Hydrostatic
  • PTO: Electric
  • Feature: Optional dual wheel kit


Echo Bear Cat

The SC5540B PTO chipper/shredder features a three-point hitch mount, chipping capacity of up to 5 inches, four reversible chipping blades and 36 serrated knives.


Greenwell Mfg.

Pat’s Easy Change System fits over lift arms and changes them to a hook system to provide more flexibility for different implements.



The 38-inch sweeper offers dual-brush sweeping action, 11-bushel capacity, patented ratchet gear, rear-wheel design and removable hopper.


STEC Equipment

RotaDairon Soil Renovators feature reverse rotation blades, screening rods, grader blade, packer roller, adjustable working depth and hydraulic rotor clutch.



HM and HP mower decks use an all-steel frame design, which suspends the progressive discharge deck. All finish mowers feature full-width rollers for striping.


Next month will feature Product Focuses on Irrigation Products and Hydroseeders, Topdressers & Seeders.