Cleary Takes Control of Turf Diseases

Cleary Chemical’s TORQUE fungicide is the first Tebuconazole formulation labeled for turf and ornamental uses. The easy-mixing, water-based, suspension formula contains 3.5 pounds AI per gallon and produces long-lasting disease management.

Big, Mean, Mower Blade Cleaning Machine

The MAG-12008 Lawn Mower Blade Cleaner is the latest in the product line-up from Magna-Matic Corporation. The MAG-12008 cleans a blade with two large gangs of wire brushes, and will clean up to a 30-inch-long, 3.75-inch-wide mower blade in 60 seconds. Dirt and debris is channeled to a vacuum port of the unit so that the shop environment is not filled with dust.

UltraLite Irrigation Hose

Kochek Company’s UltraLite Irrigation Hose has a rigid 1-inch diameter, is lightweight and kink-resistant, and features a braided woven infused smooth rubber helicoil design to retain its shape. Performs normal service conditions in temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Working pressure is 300 PSI. Recommended reel size for the hose is 12 inches minimum.

Lift and Load

Lift and Load Technologies, Inc.’s new and improved lifting device fits compactly into a pickup truck, flatbed truck, trailer, Sprinter van or cube van. With one person, Weightlifter 2000 will lift any load up to 1 ton safely and easily off the ground and stow it anywhere in the truck. Additionally, it takes up no bed space, so the truck can still be relied on for other jobs.

2-Wire Troubleshooting

The Pro92 Leakage Clamp Multimeter with milliamp current capability provides a measured and accurate capability to help track and locate wire faults in 2-wire systems. Manufactured by Armada Technologies, the Pro92 will identify through precise milliamp measurements which cable section is damaged. It was designed in conjuctions with national 2-wire entities to meet specific requirements for 2-wire troubleshooting as part of an overall troubleshooting suite of testers for identifying and locating malfunctions in the 2-wire physical plant.

Sprayers Made Just For You

Humboldt Industries has introduced a new line of sprayers for landscapers, including the skid-mounted 100-gallon poly tank model with hydro 110 GPM pump and 5.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. Each sprayer can be designed to fit the needs and budget of the user and is warranted and made of the highest quality components.

Define Landscape Edges

The Edge Artist EA900 from E-Z Trench Mfg., Inc. is powered by a 9 hp Honda GX Series engine and features a 4 to 5-inch cutting depth, as well as a 9-inch trenching depth (depending on blade option). The unit features a durable wet clutch that eliminates downtime associated with slipping and burning belts and has casters for zero-turn steering. The progressive cutting blade cuts harder ground and roots with little vibration.

Keep It Simple

Dirt Simple Compost Tea Brewers from Green Pro Solutions are easy to brew and clean and designed to meet the standards of the Soil Foodweb. Sizes range from 30 to 1,000 gallons and includes three compost tea tests and cleaning supplies. The unit consistently brews the highest quality tea while keeping supplies and equipment dry and secure.