Research add-on services before making a commitment. But also research your financials to make sure new revenue streams will work with your business model. Check these ideas, experiences and suggestions from members on

If you want more November work, holiday lighting sales and installs keep you going full steam ahead. In January, you get the take down work. I do lawn topdressing, and if you’re south of the snow belt you can do this as soon as the lights come down. I was busy from January through April spreading 300 yards of material. Without these two services, winter would be much more difficult financially. These are also two high-growth services with very good profit margins.— PlantscapeSolutions

Lawns bring in the bulk, but, as you know, are not big for profit. I’ve added services with higher profit margins as in power washing, pest control, fertilizer, landscaping.— Olympuslawnpro

While my employees mow lawns this year, I will be power washing houses. As I learn that business, and if I like it and see potential, I will systemize that, too. Then l will potentially have two businesses running without me doing the labor. I will be able to reach my income goals and have time for my family.— Kawizx62003

A newsletter [can] inform customers about products and services that you offer, that maybe they didn’t know that you offered. I find that if we don’t tell our lawn maintenance customers that we do other types of landscaping, they just assume all we do is maintenance. So from the very beginning when I land the maintenance account, we start reminding them that we perform other services. Nothing sucks worse than showing up to your lawn maintenance client’s house and seeing that they’ve hired another landscaper to install their retaining wall or paver patio or sprinkler system when you also perform those services.— JimLewis

I had two customers this year have me do “renovations” because they were putting their homes on the market. Some of the items included new mulch, new edges and/or beds, new sod (small area) shrub trimming, perennial installs. With the price of real estate, a couple grand could be money well spent to help sell your house quicker.— GreenMonster

I spend a lot of effort to improve my understanding of both lighting design and installation, but at the end of the day, I only have so much time to devote to just lighting. Usually I’ve got irrigation, lighting, planting, welding and masonry on my mind at any given time. It allows us to really incorporate all those components into a very cohesive product but at the cost of my brain power. I’m hoping with our new hires I can find some people with some natural talent in the lighting department.— kellanv

[Fall] is a good time to advertise and market leaf removal — if the customer signs up for service next year. Offer your services removing leaves at about 50 percent higher for noncustomers, so most people will sign up for next year. Be ready to take similar advantage of grub and skunk calls, also.— RigglePLC

Fall can be profitable with cleanups and leaf removal. The best part is you can bank that money in the Midwest because of less labor money paid out in December(if you do snow removal). — AllProLC

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