Site One Adds To Its Portfolio Nursery Collection

Introductions include Orange Brick House® Rose, Carex Feather Falls, American Pillar Arborvitae, and Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress.


PortfolioJust in time for National Rose Month, SiteOne® Landscape Supply has added a new series of roses along with other grass and evergreen tree varieties to its exclusive Portfolio Nursery Collection.

A premium line of nursery plants and products, the Portfolio Nursery Collection is curated to exceed the highest expectations and offer unique varieties of popular landscaping flowers and plants.

Available only at SiteOne, the Orange Brick House® Rose is the first in this series of its color on the market. Compact and bushy, the Orange Brick House Rose offers good disease resistance and is a low maintenance rose in a unique color.

Carex Feather Falls

Other Brick House Roses in the collection include pink and red varieties. “I am very excited about this series,” said Brett Jones, Sr. Directory Category Management Nursery at SiteOne. “The colors are vibrant and don’t fade. Brick House’s bloom count is staggering and they are just tough as nails.”

Feather Falls Carex is an attractive Japanese sedge grass with variegated white and green leaves. Suitable for container plantings and borders, Carex Feather Falls has an arching, clumping growth habit and prefers sun and sandy, well-drained soils. “Feather Falls is a really fast grower,” said Jones. “And it’s very much a hardy, brown thumb proof plant.”

American Pillar Arborvitae

Portfolio also has two recent evergreen tree additions, American Pillar Arborvitae and Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress.

American Pillar Arborvitae has dense green foliage in a columnar growth habit and performs well in slightly alkaline soils with moderate moisture and either full or filtered sunshine. Growing up to 20 feet tall and 5 feet wide, the American Pillar Arborvitae is ideal for hedges and screens. “The maximum width and height make it truly a game changer, “said Jones. “This arborvitae is fast – it can grow up to three inches in just one year.”


Carolina Sapphire

Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress has unique lacy ice blue-green foliage and red bark, making it perfect as a striking accent tree, screen or hedge. A great addition to any landscape, Carolina Sapphire grows quickly, is resistant to both deer and insects and is native to North America.

To learn more about or to purchase these new plants, visit the SiteOne Portfolio page.

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