Soil Amendments and Conditioners



Almost anything you apply to the soil to improve growing conditions can be thought of as an amendment. In this month’s buying guide, you’ll find everything from micronutrients and biostimulants to organic fertilizers, polymer-based enhancers and wetting agents.

The manufacturers listed here have everything you need to keep your soil in prime condition. To receive information from any of these companies, circle the appropriate number on this month’s reader service card and mail it in!

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Francis Resources

SuperSoil is a liquid aeration product consisting of 11 different polymers. It alleviates soil compaction and high pH by aggregating the soil and removing alkaline material. Environmentally friendly SuperSoil lasts for about a year, helps remove sodium from the rootzone and is safe for all plants.

Jonathan Green

MAG-I-CAL comes in an easy-to-spread pellet form that contains a highly soluble form of calcium, which is readily available for plant uptake or soil pH adjustment. The all-natural formula can be used anywhere safely and boosts turf color, reduces stress and aids in water uptake.

MWRA/Bay State

Bay State Fertilizer is a source of organic nitrogen and phosphorus. It breaks down slowly to gradually nurture lawns and gardens from season to season. The slow release of nutrients benefits plants and the environment. Creating a high level of organic content results in decreased watering needs.


SeaSafe ULTRA soil amendment contains a wetting agent, soil penetrant, humectants for water conservation, biostimulant, micronutrients, beneficial fungi and root inoculant, salt/sodium plant protection and concentrated sea kelp for root mass growth.  Apply by spraying or through fertigation.

Vitamin Institute

SUPERthrive contains 50 vitamins and hormones and can be added to a fertilizer program. It helps improve flowering, rooting, germination and fruiting, and helps bulbs start vigorously. For lawns, it helps make deeper, tougher turf from seed, sod, stolons, sprigs and hydroseeding.



Agresource makes a variety of compost products for a range of applications, as well as mulch and custom soils.



Aquatrols products minimize runoff and waste by moving water and everything it carries into the soil profile, reducing water use by up to 20 percent.


Baker Lime

Baker Premier Pelletized Lime is packaged in 40 and 50-pound bags, as well as 1,500 and 3,000-pound mini bulk bags. Also offers a mini prill pellet.


Becker Underwood

Sprint 138 contains 6 percent iron chelate and promotes healthy green leaves by supplementing and capturing iron in the soil and directing it to plants.


Complete Green

Soil Drain/P.A.M. imparts better soil structure to provide faster growth, water conservation, better drainage, deeper rooting and healthier turf.


EP Minerals

Axis is a porous and durable particle that firms up soggy soils, loosens compacted soils, provides better drainage and aids in nutrient transfer.



The Additive System is a complete line of consumables designed to maximize hydroseeding results, including soil amendments, fertilizers and more.



Premium Hi-Nitrogen 18-3-7/ER is a complete turf fertilizer that also conditions soil. Contains quick-acting and extended-release nitrogen, humus and humic acids.


Monterey Lawn & Garden

Dr. Iron contains iron and sulfur and is used to correct iron deficiencies in lawns, flowers, trees and shrubs. Reduces soil pH.


Natural Industries

Actino-Iron is a biological fungicide that contains slow-release iron and humic acid. It is OMRI-listed, won’t burn plants and protects against Pythium and more.


New England Organics

Manufactures Earthlife Compost, Super-Peat, Nutri-Mulch, Gro-Max, Erosion Control Mix, Superhumus and Wood Ash.


Novozymes Biologicals

EndoROOTS Granular contains organic composts, humus extracts, sea kelp extracts and other plant supplements, as well as nine species of endomycorrhizae.


Ocean Crest Seafoods

Neptune’s Harvest products are organic and incorporate cold-processed, hydrolyzed fish; seaweeds; humates; calcium; molasses; and more.



SeaCure-Cal carbon-based organic acid complex and cofactors break sodium and sulfate from soil. Improves water penetration and resistance to high sodium.


Plant Food Co.

Humic Acid 70 granulated humate restores natural balance in soil; pHusion Calcitic Limestone increases soil pH; pHusion Gypsum releases calcium.


Plant Health Care

Applied in summer, PHC BioPak Plus 3-0-20 promotes quick recovery from stress while maintaining vigorous plant growth and green color.


Profile Products

The ProPlus line of prescriptive agronomic formulations addresses specific soil and growing conditions to improve soil chemistry.


Soil Mender Products

Turf-Mate 4-2-3 is an organic, slow-release, nonburning product with a poultry base and humate and molasses for healthy growth and enhanced root development.


Soil Technologies

TurfTech Bio is a biofertilizer that suppresses turfgrass pathogens, reduces soil compaction and cuts fertilizer needs. Apply with spray rigs or through fertigation.


Solu-Cal USA

Solu-Cal enhanced calcium quickly raises soil pH, while Sulfur MAXX enhanced sulfur addresses high soil pH and sodium issues in one pellet.


Tech Terra Organics

CaCO3 Plus is a source of calcium that helps correct soil pH, increases water holding capacity and unlocks insoluble nutrient bonds to increase availability.


Terawet Ventures

Salt-Out! is a liquid polymer that eliminates salinity stress by selectively sequestering sodium and chloride ions, keeping them out of plant root tissue.


Tiger-Sul Products

Tiger Micronutrients Turf Mixes combine Tiger sulfur with key micronutrients to provide improved turf growth, water penetration and nitrogen utilization.


Western Pozzolan

Lassenite Pozzolan is an all-natural, porous amendment that eliminates localized dry spots, reduces compaction and conserves water. Does not sequester salts.

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