Solu-Cal 6-12-6 Starter Fertilizer For Spring


Supplying soluble Calcium is essential to winter recovery and a good start to growing for cool season grasses. Solu-Cal offers multiple options with fertilizer, and one of these well-suited for Spring is the company’s best selling spring seeding application product: 6-12-6 with Solu-Cal 22% Ca. Features of this Solu-Cal product:fertilizer

  • Premium Starter
  • Coarse Grade SGN 210
  • Delivers 22% Calcium with Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime
  • 50 lb. bag covers 10,000 sq. ft.
  • Delivers 0.3 lb. N and K, 0.6 lb. P

Fertilizer applications with Solu-Cal enhanced products provides turf a double-dose of vital nutrients, plus Calcium. Calcium leads to greater root mass and faster, better growth in spring — ideal for seeding time. Other benefits of Calcium include protection from heat stress; increased metabolic functions in plant cells; and better uptake of other nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Solu-Cal products are powered by INTENSIFY Soil Microbial Biocatalyst, a powerhouse of beneficial microbial bacteria and fungi. Most soils are deficient in active microbes, making any treatment applied much less effective than intended. INTENSIFY Soil Microbial Biocatalyst delivers hundreds of thousands of viable microbial units to soil, which allow applied nutrients to get to work and become more effective with lower application rates.

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