Success Secrets

Everyone who owns a landscape business has another business they aspire to be like.

Maybe it’s the large business down the street that seems to have incredible systems and employees with a positive and professional attitude and trucks that are polished and incredibly branded. Maybe it’s that business in a neighboring state with an owner who has great leadership skills and is at a revenue size to which you aspire your business to grow. Maybe it’s a national player with solid employee retention and top-notch marketing that makes it seem like the most talked about business in each neighborhood it services.

In each case, sitting those owners down and picking their brains on how they operate, how they grow, how they handle setbacks and challenges is beyond worthwhile for any small business entrepreneur trying to make a name in the landscaping.

This year in October at the Green Industry & Equipment Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) had two incredible sessions that each contained some of the most well-recognized leaders in the green industry. In a no-holds-barred Q&A, the leaders shared their honest feelings about everything from the most important lessons they’ve learned in business to their greatest business mistakes to how they focus their time as CEOs to their insights on the greatest opportunities in the landscape industry.

Dive in to their candid thoughts and ideas and learn the secrets to their success: